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  1. 🌟 A bright spot in my life 🌟 Hello 👋 I wanted to share with you my physical and mental soothing since joining AS. I don't claim to be "cured" but it's more of a relief to not feel so alone and misunderstood anymore. I am not used to forums and other discussion spaces but here I feel .... free of a huge weight. It's hard to express but I'm sure some of you have experienced this strange but so comforting feeling. I thank you so much for your empathetic welcome. 🩷 ZiggyStardust PS: I changed translators, it seems this one is more qualified 😊
  2. Thank you so much for this welcome that I did not expect. 😲 I am in tears as I write this post... I had lost hope because no one in my circle understands or perceives the importance of my process. Even worse, I am belittled because "I create problems that don't exist". Only one person supports and encourages me. Thank you again 😊🥰🥰 because today, I am determined to make progress in my therapy, to free myself from my anxieties. ❤ ZiggyStardust
  3. Hello, I am new to the forum and I am particularly moved to have found a place for discussion and support. I am writing to you from the other side of the world, because in my country, the issue of sexual abuse and violence is not considered a public health problem. I have experienced these types of violence both in my early childhood and as an adult, and I am currently in the process of healing. Please excuse me if my English is not perfect, as I am using a translation software. Thank you for accepting me on this forum. ZiggyStardust
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