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  1. okay, no problem, thanks so much for responding! *safe hugs* :-)
  2. hi! so, when it comes to my cover photo on my profile, i just can't seem to figure it out, lol. it says, "choose files" however when i click the button, nothing happens. help me please and thank you! :-)
  3. getting stronger everyday; f-u-c-k you!
  4. on the path to healing!
  5. still hurts but getting stronger
  6. i can't do this anymore!
  7. you ruined everything for me!
  8. i hope she's worth it!
  9. you WILL pay for this!
  10. i hope karma bites soon!
  11. burn in he-ll, mother fu-ck-ers!
  12. you are such a pervert!
  13. karma is a bit*h, asshole!
  14. i played monopoly with my mom
  15. 9 years and still living