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  1. Welcome back @Poppy_ So happy you are back!
  2. Welcome to After Silence @LisaButterfly I’m still pretty new myself and have found the members of this board to be nonjudgmental, compassionate and very supportive 💜 Take your time and post only what you feel comfortable expressing and please feel free to reach out anytime. Safely sitting with you.
  3. Welcome @abhaya to After Silence! I have had nothing but positive experiences on AS. The member are so helpful, emphatic and supportive! We are all here to help you and each other on our healing journeys. Post a little or as much as you are comfortable with. Safely sitting with you.
  4. I get it. For some people it is hard to set boundaries and harder to express them. My husband was like that. He wasn’t abused but even in general life situations he finds it hard to speak up for himself. It took him a long time and a lot of work to get to where he is today. I hope you can find the strength to express how you feel to your siblings. It will help cut down on the anxiety you feel when you converse with them next time. Sitting with you and sending you support.
  5. @D£stiny welcome to After Silence. I am sorry for the reason that brought you here but am happy that you feel comfortable reaching out. The first thing I wanted to say is YOU ARE A SURVIVOR!! There is no doubt in my mind that you are. You did what you needed to do to survive what happened to you and help you get to where you are today. Their is no book or rules that we follow that dictate whether or not it is ok to call us survivors. We are ALL survivors for doing what is need to keep us going. I’m sorry that you feel alone because probably most of us at one point in our healing journey have
  6. Hi @kelseykay and welcome to After Silence! I am so sorry for the pain you are going through. I am happy that you feel comfortable to reach out to all of us to help you heal from your trauma. I have found the members on this board are very supportive, non-judgmental and empathetic. We are all here to help and support you in anyway that you need. Safely sitting with you
  7. Welcome @PumpkinPanda to After Silence! I’m still pretty new and completely agree with you about feeling lonely. Until I joined AS I felt like no one understands what I go through everyday because of the CSA. All of that changed after joining. Everyone is understanding, supportive and compassionate. Post as little or as much as you would like. Feel free to reach out anytime. Sending you safe hugs and
  8. @EvilRegal totally agree! Nothing wrong with channeling your inner evil queen 😁 I’m here if you need a friend
  9. Hello @EvilRegal and welcome to After Silence! I am relatively new as well and I can definitely say that so far my experience has been a very positive one. You don’t have to post anything that you are not comfortable with and can post as little or as much as you would like to. I love your name choice! I used to watch the show all the time. Regina and Emma were 2 of my favorite characters.
  10. Welcome to AS @Sj85 I am pretty new to the group as well and I met some wonderful supportive people. Post what makes you feel comfortable and reach out when you need us! I am here if you need a friend ❤️ Sending safe hugs
  11. Thank you everyone for the warm welcome. It is greatly appreciated.
  12. Hello. I am new to After Silence. My therapist recommended that it would be a good part of my healing journey to try and connect with other survivors. I have been in therapy for close to 10 years now healing from childhood sexual abuse. Late last year I confronted my abuser. It’s been a struggle because some family members aren’t as supportive as I would of hoped they would of been. Sometimes I do feel like I am alone because it’s hard to describe to others exactly how it feels to be traumatized by sexual abuse. I wanted to first say thank you to After Silence for letting me join and thank you
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