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  1. Thank you @mini.finch 🙂 Just trying it out a little. (The show is called "Bee and PuppyCat")
  2. "YV: ...okay, It's fine I guess, I just wish I didn't feel scared anymore" 💟
  3. Thank you so much @S_Sundance, I'm glad too! I believe so too 😊
  4. @missfrier thank you for that nice welcome, i am glad that people are caring and supportive here, and thank you kindly for saying you're proud of me reaching out. i hope you are doing well yourself, and thank you for writing a welcome message, i hope you are doing good/okay-ish yourself, i appreciate you being here 🌟
  5. @SociallyAwkward Thank you so much – it’s a relief how people felt the same and it’s nice to get some encouragement. I’m still learning how the forum works so please bear with haha. I totally agree, it would be nice to make friends with people who won’t judge us. The outside world can get a tad too much. Thank you for saying I'll fit in -- I hope you’re having a good day or night 🌞🌙 @WannaMoveOn Thank you for such a sweet message. It’s really good to know I’m not alone. Creating a support system is so important, and also learning new coping strategies and techniques. It makes me happy th
  6. Wow, Hello all, I didn’t expect such a welcome. I was so nervous yesterday, so it feels a bit unreal. Thank you so much all! @MeBeMary thank so much for your message. It’s so nice that I can take it at my own pace. It feels a bit better with no pressure and when someone else like you type that. One day at a time, I really like that. I wish you all the best too, and I hope your day is ok @mini.finch hey thank you for the welcome and for encouragement. I hope I worded things ok, I didn’t really know how to intro. I wish you all the best too, and I hope you are having an ok day. I
  7. Hi everyone, I hope you are doing well. I signed up for this forum hoping to make friends, and be a friend. I'd like to learn more about good coping strategies, support and perhaps be supported. I hope this is ok for now, I'm still a bit nervous
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