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  1. @capulet just accessed the website via my laptop and discovered a totally new format. It looks great. I then tried to access the website on my mobile phone (iphone) using safari. The website comes up with the option to sign in. Once i sign in I get the new format including my profile, my messages and notifications now. Thank you very much for sorting all this.
  2. @Capuletthank you for getting the site back up, I missed it and everyone. I am having problems accessing site from my mobile which is a big problem for me as this is my usual method of accessing it. It’s not always possible for me to access via a laptop. The only way I can access the site by my mobile - took me a while to work this out too - is to type ‘after silence login’ into google. If I just got to after silence main page and click on message and chat board there is no option to sign in. Even when I have managed to sign in on my mobile though I can’t see my messages and can’t fi
  3. Free4ever


    I am glad to read that you have now had your results and have a way forward.
  4. Well done you for trying to take back some control. The 'waiting' game is horrid isn't it. I try to tell myself I will find out soon, no matter what they are they aren't going to change between now and when I get told, if they were really bad then I would have heard straight away. I tell myself not to worry about things I dont know but the element of not knowing is what makes you worry isn't it. its a very hard situation to cope with. I hope that you are given the results soon so that you can have peace of mind of knowing and can then focus on what you need to do next.
  5. Hello, I am having a lot of flashbacks to a specific trauma I suffered years ago. I’m trying to find the best way of dealing with it and how I’m beginning to realise it has affected me. Looking for others who understand and looking to try and understand what happened to me and why and to do deal with the feelings I have around it. Feeling isolated.
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