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  1. Iv tried looking this up. Idk if feeling like this is weird.. but after my assault all I feel like I’m good for is sex and when I do have sex with my partner I feel ashamed (even though he knows about what happened and makes sure to make me feel loved) it’s like no matter what I still feel like a sl*t after sex even oral sex. Do you have any advice is this normal 

    1. BrightSide


      Hi @Michellessecret 

      Im sorry for the difficulties that you are having since your assault. From posts I see on this forum and from my own experience is it common to have some unhelpful internal thought processes around sex. But you are not a sl*t and you have nothing to be ashamed of and you are more than a person just for sex. I am glad that you have found AS and I am glad that you are reaching out. If you post within the forum section Aftermath, you will get some more responses of how others manage these feelings. Sitting with you for support if you would like? B

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