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  1. Hi, I'm New Andfreakin Out

    absolutely understand trouble trusting one's own memory, particularly if alcohol, drugs (illicit or prescription), or history of past trauma and dissociation are part of the situation in question. i am sorry that you have your fears about what happened. i wish that there was a magic way to sort this out, but there is not. careful reflection and talking this out with a trusted third party might help. sending best wishes.
  2. Rough Patch

  3. New Here

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  5. Hello From Brazil

  6. An Old One Needing New Support

    Welcome back!
  7. We Really Need A Grief Forum/area

    Traumatic Grief. OMG! Brilliant idea! Thank you for the suggestion. We need it! xx
  8. I Appreiciate Our Moderators

    ^^^^^^^^ To All Mods: THANK YOU!!!
  9. New To After Silence :-)

    what feels like circles and setbacks actually can be spirals of growth, covering familiar territory from a new vantage point. can be discouraging but it does get better. typo!