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  1. Long time member


    I am sorry that they are unable to listen. Some people cant if they havent had some kind of loss that hurts with relationships. I can be listener how ever often you need. I do it for others. My stuff i have written on here is ... It is in your mind in the beginning 24/7 and that is how healing happens at first.

    The only part down the road you will be over is the painful emotions out of the memory



    1. mountainlion75


      Thank you :throb:

      Sorry my reply is so late, but I appreciate it all the same

  2. Hi i have an intro on here i will repost you can find me under my sjudmajo i was is here before 2005 had personal irons in tge fire like a death that has delay me judith
  3. Hi Ok. I found the kpouse thread i was looking for. I see where they moved it too. I am not used to the new changes. yet. Also though the response in the welcome page i had about return is no longer there. I dont know why. I will contact you but i will wait. Other irons in the fire. but wanted to let you know this before When i keep the posts etc that come to my email. I click on them and it shows it is no longer there. SO i am wondering do they delete stuff that others respond to me about regarding my intro. I cant find the responses to my intro in the welcome thing. Judith
  4. HI Sorry this is late. I tried to search for the response of what others replied to me on regarding this. And it said it was deleted. I even search for the person name that he and i did a thread in. that everyone like that i did find months ago that someone help me to find. But now i cant find it now. Judith
  5. HI I thought i had put a new intro here or something. I dont remember what it was or if it is in another section. That may be it. A few of teh people responded to my email/post and i was going to reply back thank them etc. but due to local circumstances beyond my control i was unable to until now. I cant find it now. Judith
  6. Hi Is there going to be anything done for new members join? I have referred several people to the site and they say they havent been approved...? Is the persons that still run the organization still around? Judith
  7. Hi I joined around 2005 or so. Somewhere in there. Me and another person name Ken who was a secondary survivor and i talk on the main board in secondary survivor section. We had a long conversation on the main board. and it was put in the pinned section after a certain amount of time. The pinned section was called hot topic at that time. I cant find it anymore. It used to be on there. What happen to it? Did Aftersilence delete alot of posts after they reformatted the site? ???????????? I cant find it under my name and cant find it under my other ID. I dont think I change my ID I came on w
  8. i I had an intro on here that was from while back that was not .. whatever at a loss for words. In yahoogroups that I am/was a part of the comment was always made about if I was from another country. due to how I wrote. So I am putting info in here to show that is not the case It is not easy for me to talk about myself. I was on here awhile back when brobbit was on here. I have been on here off and on due to jobloss and living with parents. I am hopefully moving for the last time to another apartment due to being unemployed permanently. For me it is easier to do a list of intro abo
  9. Adding to my intro and updating it slightly I am moved into my apartment for the second time. and so I am struggling with that since Jan and want to write in the group on a regular basis. I am trying to do that asap. I want to do it and wanted to do it starting in jan after I moved in in Dec but had moving issues and still do at this point. So I am trying to get regular with it. Those of you who have responded to me or I responded to you please write me again. I am still here etc. Judith
  10. I am trying to post and update in this section about my writing in etc. and it wont take it Does anyone know why it wont and why it says image is not accepted or something like that? Judith
  11. HI Welcome. Dont be afraid to contact me anytime. To talk etc. Judith
  12. Hi I am a member here and want to get back to respond and writing in etc. I moved into a second apartment due to job loss and have been a long time member but since Aug of last year i had to kind of put writing in here on hold which i didnt want to do but parents are jerks and so force me to move in Dec -long story -suffice it to say tah is why i have not been writing in here and want to and will asap. I have been trying to get thigns settled due to internet problems etc. So barring unforeseen circumstances next week-i will start picking up where i left off and so on For those of you i have
  13. sorry you have to be here. but you can contact me anytime to talk offlist or what have you Judith
  14. See responses below yours Hi I am new here and am after some answers I am too embarrassed to ask anyone I know. I grew up in a very close family. Everyone shared everything with everyone. I am not sure if other families are similar to mine in this way and am way to embarrassed to ask someone. I hated being so close in the ways I describe below and this made me keep so much to myself later in life so I did not have to share. Some examples: Judith; Closeness in a unhealthy family Is not healthy. There are two different kinds of closeness. one with boundaries sexual etc and another that isn't.
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