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  1. Hi. I'm returning to AS after 2 years. I don't really know what to say, but I feel like some kind of reintroduction is needed. I am a survivor of more than I'm willing to get into right now. I'm healing (slowly), but starting to trust myself and my process. I'm also a mom and a mental health provider (blind leading the blind I guess) and I'm working on being the best human I can be.
  2. Hello all. I've been gone for 2.5 years, and who knows if anyone remembers me, but here I am again, because... I guess I need to be. I'm just dipping my toes in for now, because I'm kind of burnt out on people (which is a problem since people are my job), but I also need people. Quite the conundrum. Quick recap of new and old info: Single mom to 4 (now all teenagers). Person with DID (always a joy). Currently 6 months away from my Master's degree (can't come soon enough). Survivor of more than I care to admit (these are not boxes I enjoy ticking). Gen
  3. Unfortunately, there was a crash 7 months ago and all data was lost from September 2011 to February 2013. If you posted your story during that time period, it has not been retrieved. I'm so sorry.
  4. I also use Chrome, and it takes a little longer for these things to show up for me, but they eventually do. Sometimes I have to click where it's supposed to be to get it to appear. My Chrome problem is in chat. It doesn't scroll on it's own so I don't see new replies unless I manually scroll it down, and then it'll freeze up after scrolling. I don't have that problem on IE, but I hate IE.
  5. It just gives you the URL for the post. It doesn't connect to any outside forum/host/etc.
  6. Awesome! Thank you all for working so hard on this.
  7. it isn't orange and underlined for me.
  8. Welcome Flightless. I'm sorry that breaking the silence for you was such a painful experience. I hope you can find what you're looking for here.
  9. There was a huge crash of AS a few weeks ago. The server folks (not our admins or mods) failed to do the proper back-ups and we lost all data after October 2011. Many of us are starting over. Welcome back!
  10. if your words do not reflect your spirit and your honor, do not speak.

  11. when you come to a fork in the road... eat pie!

  12. we have two ends with a common link; with one we sit, with one we think; success depends on which we choose; heads we win, tails we lose

  13. I get to have a status? Woot!

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