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    Books, music, video games, and of course, my little family

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  1. Welcome to AS! I'm sorry to hear about the circumstances that brought you here but glad you found this site! It's been a tremendous help for me and others. Mandy
  2. To every single one of them: How could you hurt me?
  3. Welcome to AS! I am sorry for the circumstance that brought you here but glad you found us. You aren't a failure nor a loser. Healing takes time. And it's really hard work. Just take things in your own stride. This is an awesome community. Mandy
  4. Thank you all! This place was where I first started my journey and cannot ever completely leave.
  5. Hello all! I'm Mandy. I used to be on here a lot (quite some years ago) and then had to take some time to reflect on things in life. I stepped back and just stopped trying to heal and let the pieces fall where they may. I stepped back and now feel ready to be here again. To everyone I used too know and don't know, it's great to be back! Looking forward to 'speaking' with you all. Mandy
  6. ~Mandy~


    Welcome to AS, Espera.
  7. Welcome to AS. Take Care Mandy
  8. Thanks everyone. It feels good to be back.
  9. Hello everyone, My name is Mandy. I've been a member for about 2 yrs. and I'm "back." Don't know what more to say, I'm not good with introductions! I look forward to catching up with everyone I know and look forward to meeting anyone I haven't met yet. Take Care Mandy
  10. Ok, lemme see if I can explain this: 1)Go to a topic that has been started. 2)Look where the Title of the topic is at the top and there will be a "Add Reply" and "New Topic" button 3)look under"New Topic" and there is an "Options" button below and click on it 4)Go down to "Display Modes" and you will see 3 options *Outline is what biggestfoot was showing in his pic at the bottom 5) To make it go away, click on "Switch To Standard" Hope this makes sense! Mandy
  11. Welcome to AS, claudia.
  12. Welcome to AS. Take Care Mandy
  13. ~Mandy~


    Welcome to AS. Take Care Mandy
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