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    Thank you all for welcoming me.
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    ****Trigger Warning**** Hi, I'm new to this. I really am not sure if I was molested or not, but sometimes during sex I get a sick feeling in my stomache which reminds me of when I was a kid. I cry during sex alot as well. I also relate to many movies about sexual abuse. When I was a kid I would be afraid of men. My dad would always have his drunken friends over and once when I was 13 one of them tried to touch me, but my dad screamed at him. I used to draw pictures of naked people when I was very young and had a a few sexual experiences with my friend when I was 8, that I used to masturbate too. During highschool I had a boyfriend who what I would consider a sex addict violate me with objects and didn't wait until I was ready. I later had guys use me for sex. One guy chained me up and did S&M on me and forced a dildo in my anal region. I ended up crying. Then he was mean and screamed at me. I had another boyfriend call me a w**re all the time and treated me like one. I get obsessed with sex now, but cry afterward and always feel numb and sick after it happens. I was wondering if these are signs.
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