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  1. Hello, I found it all too much being on here and it actually caused me to get depressed as I started just reading people stories and I felt overwhelmed by the amount of people who have gone through trauma. I feel like I can actually get some relief and feel less alone now by being on here. Look forward to chatting Milo
  2. Welcome Hope you find everything you are looking for Milo
  3. HI mjbc, Welcome I am glad you feel ready to be here but feel sad that you need to be here Hope you find everything you are looking for ! Milo
  4. Welcome Rosemarie.... I think you are being really brave . I hope you find everything you hope and need for here. If you ever need a pair of ears I have some that are top notch at listening Milo
  5. Milo123


    Yeah one step at a time. I feel like just signing up here has been a major accomplishment for me Thanks
  6. Hehe ditto. Hope it all works out for you guys. I also have a good pair of ears that listen really well if you ever need them :-)
  7. Milo123


    Thank you Lilia. I will, it has been good looking through some of the stuff written and the forums and being able to relate to every word typed. Milo (Rather stay annoymous for now)
  8. Milo123


    Yeah I agree completely. However I am unsure of who I can not speak the words as my body physically won't allow them to come out, I trust my Fiance 100% but I feel like such a burdon he knows part of my story but not all. I guess im looking for that person I can share with. Thank you for your response Hockey girl :-)
  9. Hi Im also new and have just started navigating the site. I also don't no if im ready to share anything either. I think just knowing that the option is there is comforting. Goodluck :-)
  10. Milo123


    I am also really scared of sharing so publically I don't think Im ready for that. I am hiding things that I have never spoken to anyone about. I guess I am finally ready to do so but I don't know who to or how to. Feeling confused!
  11. Milo123


    Hi all, I accidently posted on someone else intro and im sorry about that I wasn't sure how this worked. I am feeling very nervous about being here, this second post it equally as hard as the first. I'm not sure what to write or what to do I thought by doing an intro it might make me feel a little more confident about this. Thanks
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