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  1. Hi thanks everyone. Due to some circumstances in my life i may likely be around here more for a while.
  2. Hey so, its been a very long time since i was last active on here. For some reason tonight i have visited old sites i was a part of when i was younger. so far one site has closed down and was made as a version 2 but that was a bad website. another one i was part of is now very quiet... and then i was thinking and remembered that i was on here too. weird Re-Intro i know.... anyway i may be back or i may forget i popped on- i guess i shall see.
  3. Hmmmmm *thinks* thanks for posting this, i think im mainly in the victim area- but i dont like that label... in some parts i fall into survivor
  4. welcome to AS glad you came her,a n im sure you'll find the support and friends you are seeking.
  5. hi, im new found this site last night. not sure what else to say.
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