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  1. Almost 8 years later...

    Hi thanks everyone. Due to some circumstances in my life i may likely be around here more for a while.
  2. Almost 8 years later...

    Hey so, its been a very long time since i was last active on here. For some reason tonight i have visited old sites i was a part of when i was younger. so far one site has closed down and was made as a version 2 but that was a bad website. another one i was part of is now very quiet... and then i was thinking and remembered that i was on here too. weird Re-Intro i know.... anyway i may be back or i may forget i popped on- i guess i shall see.
  3. From Victim To Survivor To Thriver

    Hmmmmm *thinks* thanks for posting this, i think im mainly in the victim area- but i dont like that label... in some parts i fall into survivor
  4. Hi

    welcome to AS glad you came her,a n im sure you'll find the support and friends you are seeking.
  5. Hello To You All

    thank you lynn
  6. Hello To You All

    hi, im new found this site last night. not sure what else to say.