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  1. Newcomer here

    Hi Laura. Welcome to AS. Thats an awesome tattoo, very brave of you to get it. I am very sorry about the years of abuse and the time youve spent trying to heal I know that's hard. Your not alone here, I also struggle with ptsd depression anxiety and bpd many people here struggle with those and other mental illnesses and everyone can relate on some level. Your right the road of a survivor is a very rough road. Sorry about your struggle with si (self injury) and the thoughts about death (I can relate to this one a lot lately) those are very hard to deal with much less get support from people irl that truely understand. Your free here to take your time and share on your terms. One
  2. Greetings & Salutations

    Hello @Schnitzel and welcome to AS. Very sorry for the trauma that brought you here and for the loss of family and friends. Youve found a safe and supportive site here full of caring individuals. Your not alone anymore. One
  3. Whoever you are I wanna thank you

  4. New Girl

    Hi IndyRex! Welcome to AS. Sorry for what you have been through that brought you here. Your not alone. Sending support and Streangth your way. One
  5. Truely amazing how one day you're a bright and happy girl and the next you don't even recognize her...

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    2. Free2Fly


      Safe hugs :hug: if ok?

      your not a mess, your just struggling but you are strong and you can do this :) .

      i believe in u.

    3. Oneinamillion
    4. Free2Fly


      Thank u one :hug: I needed a hug , kinda up and down with my mood right now.

  6. Hello

    Hi @DakotaSun and welcome to AS. Sorry about what sounds like a long term abuse & trauma situation. You are worth so much more then that. I wanted to tell you that your not alone. AS is a site full of supportive caring people that have all be through something, and can relate on some level with you. Geting therapy or counseling is a very personal choice and is not right for everyone and its different from person to person. For me I was ok for a decade before I needed help, it wasn't an easy choice for me. I wanted to tell you how brave you are, you have lost much but your still seeking support and still have hope, you still have dignity even if it feels as though whomever it was tried to take it from you all they succeeded at was taking their own dignity it was their fault not yours. You are brave for joining our community. You are demonstrating strength by making your first post here. I just wanted to tell you those things. I also think your incredibly brave for being a single mom that takes so much Streangth and courage. That declaration to not let this wound define you is so strong. I'm sorry you have holes in your memory regarding these memories, that's something that seems to be quite common amongst survivors, including myself. I hope the freedom to express yourself on your terms here will be helpful to you while you recover. I mean that your free to share however much you want about whatever you want to share on your time you dont have to rush.
  7. Welcome to AS! Sorry for the trauma that brought you to the forum. Lots of kind caring and support people here that can relate, we've all been through something. Myself I suppressed as much as I could for about a decade. I'm told there is closure and healing from these things and I can only hope it comes soon. Your not alone here. Something I love about AS is the freedoms we have here. Your free to share as much or as little as you want. Your free to be silent and look around or become one of our very active members. Your free to log in infrequently or as often as you like. You may not see it but I see a very brave person making strides joining or forum and making your first post is not easy. Can't wait to see you around. One
  8. Hello~

    Hello and welcome to AS. I am incredibly sorry that you have been through these things that brought you here, but I'm glad that you are talking about them. Its brave of you to write your first post courageous even, I hope you can see that. Its hard to talk about these things; (even for adults) but, its all part of the healing process. I agree with you this process is sort of like a rollercoaster. This site has become like a family to many of us because the members are so supportive, and while I hope you have support irl I know you'll find it here too. My favorite thing about AS is the freedom of what we can share, we are under no pressure to share anything and that no one is here to judge you everyone's been through some kind of trauma first hand or witnessed someone they cared about go through the healing process. By now I'm sure you've seen we have different sections for different kinds of things and your free to just read or share with us on whatever level your at. When I came to AS almost a year and a half ago I was scared didn't think I belonged, I only joined cause my T told me I should multiple times. I didn't want to share anything yet I rushed myself to share everything in hopes if I got it out id be fully healed, it wasn't what I had hoped for but it was helpful for me. People here let me talk about what I had been through stuff I'd held in for years that I had only just recently revealed to a T because I was having bad nightmares panic attacks and bad bought of depression, it took years for me to get help. I just wanted to tell you that I'm proud of you that your here making the choice to get support and help. One
  9. Returning After Being Away

    Welcome back Flowers, sorry things got worse.
  10. Hello, Looking to heal....

    Hello and welcome to AS @LooksLikeRain. Sorry I'm short on words at the moment just wanted to let you know I read your post and can relate just not sure how to respond at the moment. I'm so sorry for the trauma and the extra trauma from the drauma involved. Your not alone in this. One
  11. Long time member introduce me

    Welcome back @sjudmajo
  12. Not to sure where to start.

    Hi Kay123 and welcome to AS! Sorry for the trauma that brought you here. This is a safe and supportive place. Your free to share at your own pace in your time as little or as much as you want, please no you do,t have to rush anything. Take your time look around get comfortable meet some amazing people and I hope you can find us to be suportive and caring. Looking forward to seeing you around the forum. One
  13. I am happy to announce I'm still alive despite how many times the world has tried to kill me.

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    2. MeBeMary


      So glad the surgery was successful.  Time to rest, relax, and recuperate. :hug:

    3. patriciag
    4. mariella47
  14. Hey, I'm New

    Welcome to AS. I am sorry to hear of your recent trauma, I understand that over whelmed thought that all these people here have been through simalar trauma. Glad your seeking out help early, and am impressed by the bravery that you showed by joining and posting here. Nothing can make what happened right but together we can help oneanother with support. One
  15. Looking for a place to tell my story

    Welcome to AS. Sorry for the trauma that brought you here. It was brave to find us join and post. I see others have already told you about the share my story section, so I won't again. Supporting you. One