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  1. Hello @Jen G and welcome to AS. I am very sorry for the past trauma that brought you here. I wanted to let you know you've found a safe space that is a judgement free zone. Lots of welcoming people that are willing to listen and to support you in anyway they can. Its sounds very lonely to be a prisoner in your own home, I hope we can help change that for you. Your free to share as little as much as you would like. Pleas take your time as much as you need to get to know the boards and people here I know there is so much here to take in. With support and encouragement I know there is healing it just takes time (no two people take the same time so please don't feel down if you don't seem to be in the same place as anyone else). I am encouraged to see you've made such a courageous step towards freedom, this post is huge! Can't wait to see you around the boards. One
  2. Its not selfish to love and take care of yourself and to make your happiness a priority, its a necessity 


    1. MeBeMary


      Like this quote. Good reminder, when we are in doubt. Thank you, One. :)

  3. Hi

    @Cheeryo welcome to AS. Sorry about all the trauma, and the current trauma. There is healing in all this even if its hard right now there is always a new dawn. Judgement free zone here and everyone is caring and considerate. Looking forward to reading your future post. One
  4. @Jf967 welcome to AS! I want to encourage you for taking this step in first of all your first post but also speaking up. This is a judgment free zone amd lots of us lived in silence after trauma there is no shortage of people who can understand and relate. Looking forward to reading your future post and sharing in your healing process. One
  5. @PurpleDaisy first off Congradulations on your first post, it takes a lot of courage to take this step. Welcome to the AS family you will find many people here that can support you and understand and relate to your story. I am so sorry to hear about all the past trauma. There is healing hope and peace, it just takes time and no one has the answer as to how long I guess its differnt for everyone. One
  6. @wakingupunderwater aka Katja welcome to AS. I am so sorry to hear about your traumas, if its ok I offer a safe hug. It is encouraging to hear that you are still functioning even with a little difficulties your are still in school and that takes strength after all you have been through. Will sit with you as long as you need. You are very strong and brave to post this in the welcome section. Please feel free to take your time with the boards here get to know people so many good people here to support you and to support it is a very differnt expierience that I had ever had before. Can't wait to see your future post.
  7. @Bird Song welcome to AS. Please take your time in sharing whatever you want to go at a pace that is comfortable for you. Everyone is at differnt stages of recovery and we all go through the healing process at differnt speeds don't give up and please don't look at someone else who seems to be healing faster then you and feel like a failure. I am sorry you expierenced a trauma and that it brought you here but you are so strong and brave for making this first post. One
  8. Hello @LilyB70 and welcome to AS. I am so sorry for the trauma you endured to get here. I too just kept pushing it down till I couldn't keep it down anymore. I know you'll find people here that understand and be able to support you, I sure did. People here are amazing they listen and support in ways I had never experienced nor can I truly explain. Its been a powerful change for me and for many others. There is healing here it takes time but I can see it happen for everyone of us. Your not alone in this journey anymore.
  9. New

    @Aalen hello and welcome to AS! I am sorry for the trauma you have endured that brought you too us. Most everyone here has experienced trauma and can relate to and support you. Take you time to look around and meet people I hope you find us to be as I see it a big family from all over the world.
  10. Hey

    Welcome to AS @Pie11. I am so very sorry for what happened to you. I am glad you have rewd through some of the other welcome post. I wish I would have done the same. Hope you find AS to be a safe place full of others who are caring and supportive. Take your time getting to know the site share as little or as much as you want. There is healing in time. One
  11. It may take an hour. A day a week a month a year do 10 years but I will overcome this and I will heal

  12. Hi @Chris13 and welcome to AS. I am so sorry to hear about what happened to you when you were young. You did nothing to deserve that. I had to take some time to respond because your post it a little close to home for me, I can relate to the not telling family and friends because your scared. Your not alone and your among people that can relate and that truely care. Anyways welcome to AS. One
  13. Oh and thank you for your service in the Navy