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  1. Welcome to AS. I'm sorry about the trauma that brought you here. Glad to hear you want to dig in and support others thats huge! We have lots of supportive members and I'm glad to welcome you to As today.
  2. Welcome to AS! Sorry you have been through so much. With time and support its possible to heal, luckily for you there's plenty of helpful and supportive people here.
  3. Welcome to AS nail. Sorry that you have a reason to be here. Many of us have burried trauma, your not alone. Take your time trying to remember dont rush it. It takes time but you can heal.
  4. Welcome to AS. I'm so sorry about the trauma that brought you here. Its wonderful first step youve taken joining and a huge step just to write a brief intro. Lots or people here to support you and help with the healing process. Can't want to see you around. One
  5. New

    Welcome to AS. Sorry you have a reason to be here. Its good to see that you already see AS as a good way to start your recovery. One
  6. Welcom to AS. I'm sorry for the trauma that brought you here, but you can heal. I look forward to seeing you around One
  7. hi

    Hello and welcome to AS. Your not alone. Please look aroynd get comfortable and start wherever or however you want to. I support you One
  8. Welcome to AS @powerlesstoy. I'm sorry to hear about your trauma, that sounds pretty rough. Lots of people here on AS feel isolated its a hard feeling to get past. Looking forward to watching you heal and grow here on AS. One
  9. Welcome to AS. I'm sorry someone you love has been through a trauma of this nature. I know we are a great supportive community and we have many supportive people to help out in so many ways. I hope we can be here in whatever capacity you need us to be in. One
  10. New

    Welcome to AS. Though I'm sorry for the abuse you've endured. I'm glad that you not only reaching out for support but to be supportive thats really exciting to see. Like @Painnbroken said this is a judgement free zone full of supportive people who need support too. I'm glad you found us on your healing journey. One
  11. Welcome to AS, I'm sorry your uncle did that to you. Take your time looks around meet all of the wonderful people here on AS if you want to. Like Patricag said lot of us are or have been in therapy. Many have been victims of csa. We are all in different places on the journey towards healing, but we all share and support one another. I hope you find AS as helpful as myself and many other have found it. One
  12. Hi and welcome @Confusedfred I'm sorry about what happened years ago that trauma has a way of sneaking up on ya later. Lots of supportive folks here on as that have been through Simalar stuff, we are all on different places on the path to healing so its kind of fun to watch all the help from all different levels. I hope you know you can heal. One
  13. Welcome @Winnifred, sorry you have been though all of that. Your friend was right this is a good place to start talking this site if full of positive and supportive people to help you through your healing journey. One