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  1. Hello and welcome to AS I'm so sorry you have lost your husband, and that what you endured as a child is still impacting your life, as it does. You have found a supportive community here and I wish you the best in your healing.
  2. Just want to add my voice to the welcome! I hope you feel less isolated here. It's a good community, and like you say, it's well moderated and safe.
  3. hi

    Hello and welcome to AS! I hope you find your comfort zone. Feel free to share as much as little as you like, you are not barging in.
  4. Hi sonder11, welcome to AS! Leaning in takes great courage, please don't feel silly, this is scary stuff that happened. You are not alone with all this.
  5. New

    Welcome to AS, I am sorry for what brought you here but I know you will find some support and good people here.
  6. Welcome to AS @Sapphira, I can relate to the struggle to understand what happened. I'm sorry you went through this, hopefully this site will help support your healing and understanding.
  7. Hello and welcome to AS, It sounds like you have a lot of experience as a secondary to share, which I'm sure others will benefit from. I'm sorry that someone close to you has endured trauma but glad you are supporting them.
  8. New

    Hello @ShiningLight, welcome to AS! I'm glad you found our community and hope you will find some light here too
  9. Hi Hybrid0, and welcome. Many new people do have questions and concerns, and it can be a little overwhelming here at first, even triggering. Do take care of yourself and pace yourself too. It sounds like you are very affected by other people's stories, that is common and we support each other the best we can, but we also know we have to take care of ourselves too. Sometimes we don't know how to respond or what to say in the face of someone's pain, but so often just a few words of empathy and support can go a really long way. sometimes just saying ' i hear you and support you' is very validating . Please know that the 'Newbie Support Team' is here to help if we can, if you have questions about how things work or the site or finding your way around, or if you are just feeling overwhelmed feel free to contact one of us.
  10. Hello and welcome to AS! I am glad you've found therapy helpful and feel open to sharing, this community is very supportive. I think what I like about it in addition to my therapy is that it helps with feeling isolated; people here really 'get it', because we have been through it, can relate to each other, and even though our stories are all different we tend to have a lot in common in terms of the day to day struggle to heal and overcome triggers, manage relationships, ptsd symptoms, emotional problems etc. I'm sorry for the trauma you endured and hope that being here helps in your healing.
  11. Hi @Confusedfred, and welcome. I'm sorry for what you are struggling with and I hope that you find lots of support and connection here with others who can relate. Many of us are dealing with trauma that happened a long time ago, so you are not alone in that. Feel free to share as much as little as you like here, go at your own pace as it can be triggering sometimes, and have a look around.
  12. Hi Winn, welcome to AS, it is a supportive place, and sometimes it's easier to talk with people here than in 'real life' because we understand what you are going through. I was also assaulted at 15, and like you I didn't acknowledge it, in fact I buried it for a long time and I think that is quite common for survivors, it's just a way of surviving it. I am sorry that it's messing with your head right now, that is unfortunately normal too... it is hard when it first really hits you and you start trying to process it, but if you are supported it can get easier over time. I'm glad you are reaching out, it takes a lot of courage. What happened to you was a horrible crime and their being drunk is absolutely no excuse.
  13. Hi @Ravenclaw_nerd, welcome to AS. It's really tough to endure both the trauma of being abused and then the secondary trauma of being blamed for it by those who should protect, support and comfort you. I am glad you found AS as many of us can relate and support you in dealing with what you've been through and continue to struggle with.
  14. Hi RockerChick, just want to add my voice to the welcome!! I am sorry for the trauma that brought you here, and hope you are finding your way around the boards all right, glad you found us.
  15. Hello, and welcome to AS! I am glad you found us, hope that you find it helpful. It has been a very supportive place for me and I hope you find the same.