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  1. Hi @NightJasmine Welcome to AS! I'm sorry you are having a tough time. I hope being part of a supportive community will help a little bit. Have a look around and feel free to share as much or as little as you feel comfortable with. I wish you the best in your healing, g
  2. Hi @TeeJoe welcome to AS! I’m sorry to hear about all of the trauma you’ve endured, you are a strong survivor and I hope you will find this place a safe community where you are supported and can feel less alone. I wish you all the best in your healing, g
  3. Hi Alley, welcome to AS! Thanks for telling us a bit about yourself, and I look forward to seeing you around the forums. I’m sorry for the trauma that brought you here, and you are right there is no expectation to ‘tell all’ take things at your own pace and share as you feel comfortable:)
  4. Hi and welcome to AS! I’m sorry you don’t have more support to talk and work things through, my family is similar in not going near anything heavy . I hope you’ll find this is a safe place to share, vent, discuss and be heard.
  5. silentg


    Hello and welcome to AS, @redmess! I am sorry for what you and the other survivors have been through, I know it's tough to start healing 40 years later, I started around the same time. I wish you all the best in your healing and welcome you to share with us here for support and validation as you go through this process.
  6. silentg


    Hi Connor, welcome to AS! im sorry for the horrible trauma your cousins put you through, I believe you and send you support. I hope you will find this community as supportive as I have, best wishes in your recovery, g
  7. Hi and welcome to AS! I’m sorry to hear you are dealing with harassment and I hope you will find this a safe and welcoming place to talk about these issues. I wish you the best in your healing, g
  8. Hi and welcome! I’m glad your T suggested this community, and I hope you will feel less alone here, as I have. I am glad you got a second chance and I wish you all the best in healing, g
  9. Hi @LRPINE, Welcome to AS! I had a similar experience when I first joined many years ago. It is amazing how much comfort a little hug emoji can offer, when we've been so alone with all this pain for so long. It is a very supportive community here and sometimes a little goes a long way. We all understand this experience called surviving and try to help each other when we can. Sometimes a sitter is all we need Safe hugs to you if you want them
  10. I'm sorry for what you went through. It was not your fault, and you are not alone with this experience. I am glad you found our community, please take your time, go at your own pace here it's not easy to talk about but we are listening. Welcome.
  11. silentg


    Hi @stormyfire, welcome to AS! I am sorry for what brings you here but glad you found our supportive community. It is difficult to feel alone and carrying an invisible weight, I hope you will feel less isolated here, that is one of the helpful things I found about being here. It's ok to be shy, and there is no pressure to share anything unless you want to. Sometimes taking your time feels safer and we want members to feel safe here. Please take your time and have a look around the site and feel free to post as much or as little as you like.
  12. Hi, and welcome to AS! I am sorry about your trauma and I hope that you can find some solace here among people who understand what you are going through.
  13. Hi @Aliss, Welcome to AS! I am glad you found our community. I understand how hard it is to talk to people in real life about things like what happened to us, and I also minimized what I went through but have learned that we each have our own experience of trauma that deserves support and validation and not comparison. I found being here for a while has helped me to talk about it more easily in my life now - what I find these days ironically is that others often can't hear it, even when I'm ok to talk about it. But here you can express anything you need to and it's a safe and nonjudgment
  14. Hi @Deadbolts, welcome to AS! I am truly sorry you were hurt as a child, remembering can be painful but also healing. You are not alone with the 'denial' part, it's often how we survived. I wish you the best in healing,
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