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  1. New Here

    Hi, and welcome to AS Kanny! I'm glad you found this place, but sorry for the trauma you went through. You asked about mentioning anything trauma related, and yes of course you are welcome to share as much or as little as you want, although you might want to share more in other parts of the forum, as this 'Welcome' forum is public and may come up in internet searches, while the other forums are seen by members only. But feel free to have a look around and take your time. I think you will find other threads and members here who will relate to you and what you are going through.
  2. So... Hey

    Hi @Youngbellbird, and welcome to our AS community! I'm sorry for the trauma that brought you here, but you've found a supportive place where others 'get it' and won't judge you. I'm sorry that people you are trying to talk to are not responding in a way that is helpful or supportive. I totally relate to the feeling that others think you are going to melt down all of a sudden if you talk about it! It can definitely be very isolating. I hope you will feel less alone here!
  3. New here

    Hi @Lily S Welcome to AS! I am sorry for the trauma that led you here, but glad you found our community and took the first step to reach out. It is a supportive place where you will meet people who understand what you are coping with. I wish you the best in your healing, g
  4. New here...

    Hello Sakuralzumi, and welcome to AS! I am sorry for the trauma that brings you here. I am not sure there really is a 'normal' - but confusion and difficulty coping are certainly very common responses to SA. And 9 months, is not a long time. Many of us are still coming to terms with events long past- not to discourage you, but rather to say, please don't beat yourself up if you're not 'over it' . Healing is not a linear process, different things come up at different times, and although we all have our own struggles I think you will find there are also a lot of similarities. Being here helped me feel less alone and less 'dysfunctional'. I realize that this kind of trauma has a big impact on the mind, body and soul, and it sometimes doesn't go away by itself 'with time'. Validation, solidarity, mutual support, and common experiences are what you will find here and that can go a long way towards healing. I wish you the best in your search for answers and healing.
  5. Newcomer

    Hello Meggers, and welcome to AS! It can be very difficult for many of us to express our trauma to anyone, you are not alone with that. This is a supportive and validating place to share a little, a lot, whatever you are comfortable with, at your own pace. I hope that the validation here will help you with self blame. It is very common for survivors to blame ourselves, but that too, can serve a protective function sometimes. We do what we can to survive! Please have a look around and I hope you will feel less alone, that there are others here who like you, didn't talk about what happened for a long time. I didn't either, and I still am very selective about who I share with. I wish you the best on your healing path.
  6. New To Board

    Hello, and welcome to AS! I am sorry the last few years have been difficult for you, but I'm glad you found this community. It is a place where you will be believed and supported as you share whatever you are ready to share, in your own time. You are not alone!
  7. New to the group

    Hi @kala1024 Welcome to AS! I’m sorry for the trauma that brings you here, but you’ve found a supportive place. I can understand the feelings you describe, wondering if things will ever get better . It sounds like you are doing a lot of work on your healing and I’m sorry you are still feeling discouraged and alone . This place helped me a lot with feelings of isolation and I hope it will also help you. Take your time to look around and feel free to post as much or as little as you like, as you feel ready.
  8. Newcomer, not sure if I belong

    Hello and welcome to AS! We are glad you found are supportive community. I also hope reading and posting here will help with your confusion. Chances are if you found this place, it's because you belong here. I think you will find people here will listen and validate your experiences, but take your time, have a look around, sometimes reading posts is a good way to see that others share your experiences or feelings. I wish you the best as you heal, g
  9. Pretty (bad) Year

    Hi @ariadne, and welcome to AS, although I'm sorry for the trauma that brought you here. I am glad you have escaped the abusive relationship but I understand how the after effects can be so challenging, coming to terms with and recovering from what happened. You are not alone here!
  10. New. Triggered by current events.

    Yes! It is really important in these times, that we find people who will listen with a caring, non judgmental and validating ear. You are welcome here and we support you! You are not alone with it. And sometimes it helps me to see, that even though many people still defend Kavanaugh, there are millions of voices defending Ford as well, believing her. That gives me hope. I am sorry that those around you are not supportive though, that really hurts, and must feel very isolating.
  11. Unsure Newcomer

    Hi @KindaConfused, welcome to our AS community I remember being confused for a long time about what happened to me too. If you feel like it was abuse, chances are there is a good reason for that or you wouldn't be questioning it. If what happened was unwanted, coerced or forced on you, then it was abuse. Sometimes we find ourselves in confusing situations due to grooming and manipulation, where we may think we 'went along' with something but actually it was a predatory situation. There is a thread about the definition of consent, that is pinned to one of the forums and I found that helpful for me in trying to define what happened. No matter what your situation, you are not alone and will likely find stories that are similar to what you went through. most important is how you feel, what you feel is your truth. You will be supported and believed.
  12. New and Scared

    Hi Anewme, and welcome to AS! I am glad you found our community. I know it can be daunting to be here, you are really brave for making this first post. I was a very scared momma too a few years ago, in a similar place to you, with a lot of old stuff bubbling up. I know you can be the parent your kids need, and getting support for yourself is an important step, it's part of good self care every mom needs to do. When things surface it can feel overwhelming at first but it can get better. This is a safe place where you will be heard and believed and not judged. I am so angry with that therapist for saying those things to a child!! Totally unprofessional and incompetent. I wish you had had a better T and you might have been able to get through the trauma in a better way back then. I wish you all the best in your healing, g
  13. Hey Everyone - Coming to Terms

    Hello Bam, and welcome to AS! I am glad you found this community, it is a very supportive place. I'm a Mom too, and a big part of wanting to heal has been because I want to be more present for my kids. I am sorry you also went through ppd as well as the original trauma/s.
  14. New and Nervous

    Hi @NssAngel9, and welcome to our AS community. I'm sorry for the trauma that led you to us, but glad you found our site. It is a supportive place to find a sounding board, with validation and support. You are not alone in seeking rational organizing to help you cope! I think many of us need ways to find a sense of control, to counteract the feelings of loss of control/power that trauma often causes. I am glad that reading some posts here has helped you feel peace and belonging. I wish you the best as you find your way around here and continue in your healing, g
  15. First post

    Hello @profeadg, welcome to AS, and happy birthday too! My story happened 25-30 years ago as well, and Patricia is right, it's never too late to start healing and get support. I wish you all the best in your healing, and I'm sorry for the trauma that is revisiting you.