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  1. Hi everyone

    Hi @LottieAngelHeart Welcome to the AS community! I am sure you will find support, and validation here. I am glad that your wife and friends are supportive it makes a big difference, and it's also good to be able to share with others who get it and have been through trauma too.
  2. First time

    Hi @Donna84, Welcome to AS, although I'm sorry about the trauma that brought you here. As others have said, it's a supportive place. This is a big question, and I can understand why it's so difficult to express this to your partner if this is the first time you've been in a healthy relationship. I want to remind you that what happened to you was not your fault, you were not to blame, and 'reporting' is an incredibly difficult thing to do at any age, and does not necessarily make things better. We do what we do to survive, our brains try to protect us. I would suggest that you post this question again in the Gathering Place section, I think you will get more replies, as it's a private part of the forum (this welcome forum isn't private fyi) and I'm sure many members would have some ideas or thoughts about this question. If it's any reassurance, when I told my partner, now my hb, he was supportive, and he still supports my healing. It didn't change how he thinks of me but it helped him to understand why I am the way I am. I wish you the best as you grapple with this!
  3. I’m new here

    Hello @Onefineday, Welcome to the After Silence community It's a supportive place where I hope you will feel safe. I'm sorry for the trauma that led you to us. Many of us here can relate to feeling we've been holding a secret for a long time. Please feel free to have a look around, take your time, take care of yourself here too - it can be triggering especially in the beginning, and share as much or as little as you like. I wish you the best in your healing and recovering your sense of self. What happened doesn't define you and it's also nothing to be ashamed of.
  4. Hoping to start healing

    Hi ItsMeV, Welcome to AS! I found 13 reasons why triggering as well. Many here can relate to dealing with suppressed memories years later, I think you will find lots of supportive and validating survivors here to talk to!
  5. I'm new

    Hi @Kallihope1, Welcome to AS! I hope that you find this a supportive community to be heard and understood.
  6. New to the group-looking to talk.

    Hi @ASnow Welcome to AS. I’m sorry for what brings you here but you’ve found a supportive place. I think many here can relate to your questions about memory and dissociation, you are not alone with these experiences. I would encourage you to have a look around the site as there are a few threads going about recovering memories and dissociation that might offer some insights. I wish you the best in your healing.
  7. Hello I'm new

    Welcome to AS @Mirden I am glad your husband is supportive, mine is too and it makes things easier but it’s also good to have other survivors to talk to I find. I hope you can find your way around here and feel supported in your healing.
  8. Hiya!

    Welcome to AS ! It can definitely be scary to do the work, you are not alone here
  9. Into

    Hi @Sky1992, Welcome to AS, I am sorry you are struggling with sleep and I don't think you are going crazy, these are symptoms that often follow an assault like you've recently endured. You are not alone here, it is a supportive community. I wish you the best as you recover from this trauma.
  10. Just Saying Hi

    Hi @Hazel, Welcome to AS, although I'm sorry for the reasons you are here. I hope you will find it a supportive and validating place to be, and I wish you well in your healing.
  11. New

    Hi Autumngrace, I'm glad your therapist told you about this place, it can be very helpful to be able to talk to and hear from others who really can relate to what you've been through. It can be so isolating to struggle with this pain alone. You have found a supportive place here, and I wish you the best in your healing.
  12. Looking for Answers

    Hello @whitman, and welcome to AS, although I'm sorry for what brought you here. I had also been through a lot by 17, and I'm sorry that you have gone through so much so young. I think feeling lost is something a lot of us can relate to, and I hope that this place can help you make some connections and start to find your way through it all. It's a supportive place where you can be heard and validated by people who understand what it's like. You are already making a good start, I didn't start dealing with stuff until I was much older. Take things at your own pace and be good to yourself, you deserve it.
  13. Hey, I’m a newbie

    Hello and welcome to our AS community. Feel free to look around the boards and share as much or as little as you like. This is a supportive place and although we all have different experiences the impacts of the abuse tend to have a lot of commonalities so I'm sure you will find people you can relate to here.
  14. I'm new

    Hi Jessica, Welcome to AS! It is a big deal to start to reach out , so congratulations for taking that brave step! I hope you will find us a supportive community where you will be heard and validated. I think many can understand the feelings you have. It's wonderful that you are pursuing becoming a counselor, and personally I don't think you should worry about being 'fully healed' I think being 'in process' is more than good enough! Are any of them fully healed? probably not! You might want to check out the 'Therapy' section here for lots of interesting discussions about what we call 'T' . I've learned a lot about T from that forum.
  15. Hola, new to the forum support stuff

    Hi Fearless, welcome to AS! I hope you find this a place where you can be heard and supported when you need it.