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  1. Hi. I'm new.

    Hi @sybilscrush, Welcome to AS! It's always good to see supporters here, I think AS a good resource to learn about ways to help, as well probably reading through the threads in the secondary forum will give you a sense that you are also not alone with your own thoughts and feelings as you try to come to terms with supporting someone who has been through this kind of trauma. I noticed that you also posted your question in the secondary survivor forum, that's a good place for it and I'll try to give you some more feedback there. I wish you all the best and hope you find some helpful information here, g
  2. Hello

    Hello and welcome to AS! I am sorry you were abused by your cousin and your adoration was taken advantage of. I am glad you found our site and hope you will find it a supportive place that helps you sort things out. I am sorry too that seeing a counsellor may have adversely affected your job, that is so unfair. take care and best wishes on your healing path, g
  3. Hello

    Hi @PenguinDance, and welcome. I can understand why joining here makes it feel more real, it's a big deal to wrap your head around that. I preferred denial for a long time. I hope you will find this site a supportive place to heal, as I have, and I wish you the best in your healing.
  4. Hi and Thanks

    Hi @Angelbee, and welcome. I am sorry for the abuse you endured as a child, that should never happen to a kid. I hope you will find the support here helpful on your journey to recovery. Don't worry about being shy, you are not alone with that either; you can be yourself here and say as much or as little as you want or need to. We are listening.
  5. Hello!

    Hello Rach, Welcome to AS! I'm glad you found our site, and that your university has been offering supports, like Mary mentioned that doesn't always happen so I'm glad to hear it and hope things are starting to change for the better in that regard. I am truly sorry you were assaulted last April, and have reason to be here at all, and I hope that your recovery goes smoothly.
  6. Hello!

    Hi Len! Welcome to AS. I am glad you found our supportive community and I'm sorry for the trauma you have endured. It is helpful to know we are not alone and that others will hear you and understand.
  7. I Need Someone to Hear Me!

    Hi Dannie, Welcome to AS! I am sorry that things are so difficult right now, it can be frustrating when time doesn't seem to heal the wounds we carry, and I've learned that with trauma sometimes time isn't enough and we do need to be heard, and I know you will find supportive listeners here who understand what its' like. Joining this site is a big step and I wish you the best as you keep moving forward, g
  8. Greetings :)

    Hello @violet985, Welcome to the AS community! I am happy to hear that you have found a sense of hope and strength here already. I love the dandelion image!! It's very positive and hopeful (and that is very ok! ) I can see that you are a really thoughtful reflective person, and I think you will find this a safe, validating place to share and be heard. Please feel free to take your time and look around, there is no rush to 'tell all' right away. We are here to listen when you are ready. I'm sorry for the trauma that led you here, and I hope being here will help with your feelings of isolation. I wish you the best in your healing !
  9. New here - hi!

    Hi @rainbowvalley, welcome to AS!
  10. Hello -- introduction

    Hello @Aeryn Welcome to AS! I am glad your counsellor recommended a support group, it really can be helpful to talk to others who will hear, validate and understand what you are going through. I also enjoy some creative expression, I make collages to express things and have found it a really helpful part of my healing work. I love butterflies and I think it's great that you are helping the Monarchs. I hope you find what you are looking for here and look forward to seeing you around the boards, best wishes in your healing journey, g
  11. New and just barely accepting the truth

    Hello and welcome to AS! I am sorry that you are having such difficult painful memories, I can relate to the experience of everything coming to the surface many years later. Please be gentle with yourself during this time, it feels horrible right now but it can be part of the path to healing, for things have a way of needing to come out. I am glad you found support through a crisis line and I hope you will find lots of support and strength here as well. It makes sense that you are bouncing back and forth in feelings, trying to integrate traumatic memories of things you never should have had to experience is very emotionally difficult. Take your time here and feel free to share as much or as little as you choose, when you are ready. I wish you the best as you continue to heal, g
  12. Awi is back old member

    Welcome back @awi! I am glad you found your old account and have come back to find us. I am sorry you need to be here but I'm glad to hear that you feel you are putting your life together again. I hope you will meet new members and reconnect with some old friends. Like Cap says, AS is always changing, but there is always someone to listen and support you. I wish you the best as you continue in your healing path. g
  13. Seeking healing

    Hello @TXAngel78, Welcome to our community! I am so sorry your step dad abused you, you never deserved to be treated that way. Congratulations for being sober for 3 years, that is so difficult and brave, it sounds like you are working very hard to heal and you should be proud of your efforts! I'm glad you have a husband you trust and I hope that your relationship will be able to weather the journey you are now on. Please know we are here to listen and support you, but there is no rush to talk or share, you can take your time and have a look around here and get to know the place, and feel free to share as much or as little as you choose. I wish you the best in your healing and recovery, g
  14. Glad to be here

    Hi Walledgarden, I am glad you found our community, it is a supportive place and I feel the same as you, even if we have a therapist it is good to be among others who understand what it’s like to try and survive and heal from abuse. I wish you the best in your healing!
  15. Newbie

    Hello and welcome to AS! i am sorry for what you went through as a child, it was so wrong, those were people who should have protected you. I hope you will find the support and validation here from people who understand. Take gentle care of yourself and hope to see you around the forum !