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  1. Welcome, Jf967, and I'm sorry for what you have endured. I also lived for many years in silence before starting to talk and heal. I hope that being among a supportive community who 'gets it' will help you in your healing process.
  2. Hi

    Hi Cheeryo, and welcome to AS, although I'm sorry for the trauma that brought you here. I hope that our community of caring supportive people who 'get it' will help you feel less isolated as you recover and try to cope with everything that you are still going through. I'm a mom too and really empathize with how hard things must be right now.
  3. Hi Luna, Welcome! I hope you will find this a supportive place to help on your healing path. I am sorry for all you have endured but glad you have finally gotten free of him. He was wrong to hurt you and it's wrong for people to brush it off, too, what he did was really criminal and heinous. He was supposed to protect the child in his care. I wish you peace and healing as you recover.
  4. Hi Soatsaki, Welcome to AS I agree, the internet can be mean, but it's not like that here, there is a strong community and we support each other and the moderation keeps us safe. I am really sorry for what you went through and that you still have to see your assailant. It is not your fault if he assaulted someone else, he is the aggressor, he makes the bad choices to hurt others. Many of us remain silent for a lot of good reasons. We may not have had control over what happened but we do get to control when, where and with whom we share our story, and there are a lot of good reasons to be careful when sharing. This site works by sharing and supporting each other. There are a few guidelines about posting that you can read above and in the various sections, and if you have any questions just ask we are here to support you.
  5. Hi Bird Song, welcome to AS! You don't have to share anything you are not ready to talk about, to be welcome here, please take your time and feel comfortable. I love Tori Amos too! I'm sorry for what brings you here but you've found a supportive place.
  6. Hi Katja, and welcome.
  7. Hey

    Hi Pie11, welcome to AS I am glad you read through some other welcome posts and felt like you could take the step of saying hello too. I think social media can stir up a lot of feelings for people and I know that's what landed me here a few years ago, the questioning. I hope you will find you can explore here your feelings and thoughts about what happened. It doesn't sound to me like it was consensual from what you wrote, and I'm sorry this happened to you.
  8. Hi @LilyB70 welcome to AS, you have found a safe and supportive place here. I also had to reconnect with buried memories when I started healing. You are not alone here, please take your time getting to know the place and feel free to share as much or as little as you feel comfortable with.
  9. Thank you

  10. New

    Hi @Aalen and welcome to AS, although I'm sorry for the reasons that brought you here. I am glad you are at a point where things are starting to look up for you, and you have found a safe, supportive community with whom to share your thoughts and feelings. I think some of us here can relate to pretending to be 'normal' despite everything, and I'm sorry you had to live that way to survive. Please take your time finding your way around the site, and feel free to share as much or as little as you like, at a pace that feels right for you.
  11. Hello Random24, welcome to AS! I agree with your dislike of the taboo, it would be beneficial to all if society were more open to unabashed discussions. I also dislike it when people treat me differently or tiptoe around me because I've told them a bit about my history. I hope your book writing goes well, and I think you'll find that because we are all survivors here, that awkwardness doesn't really come up, you can speak freely and be heard in a respectful way.
  12. Hello @Tigerswallowtail and welcome to AS! I am sorry for what you have been through, I'm glad you have a T, and now you have us. I found being here helps a lot with letting go of shame because everyone here understands. you did nothing wrong, you were an innocent child. I'm glad you and your mom have been able to have a few conversations, I know how difficult that can be. wishing you peace and healing.
  13. Hi Flori, and welcome to AS! I am glad you found us, it is truly a safe space to talk about your feelings. Many here have feelings about the #metoo campaign and it has triggered a lot of survivors. I arrived here four years ago because old memories were triggered by a previous media frenzy. you will find validation and support here.
  14. Hi Sam, welcome to AS! It's brave of you to post here, to take that step, and it might mean you are a little more ready to open up. It is very hard to talk about it the first time. After that it gets a little easier, especially if you develop a trusting relationship with your T. Sometimes I write here about things I might want to say to my T and the supportive and validating responses have helped me open up outside to others. I wish you all the best on your journey
  15. Hi B, welcome to AS! I think you will find people here that can relate to your experiences. I am sorry for whatever brought you here and hope that you find peace and healing in this community.