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  1. Intro

    Hi Kax, welcome to AS, I’m sorry to hear that things are becoming increasingly complicated. It often does take a long time to recover and healing has its ups and downs for sure! I started healing 5 years ago and I’m still working on it. You’ve found a supportive community here .
  2. Hey!

    Hi @FoxAndCats, welcome to AS! I’m glad you found us, it is very hard dealing with this kind of trauma all alone. We try to be a supportive community here and you will find others who understand you and what you’ve been through.
  3. Older member, but I'm back :)

    Welcome back! I remember you from when you were here before. I 'm glad you are doing better and able to come back, but I understand taking breaks as well.
  4. Hi

    You're welcome, and you're doing just fine in your responses, no worries. We respond as we are able to and I think many of us, myself certainly, are still muddling along trying to find our voices too. I understand the feeling of 'having no right to feel this way' but how you feel is how you feel, and you deserve support the same as anyone else would.
  5. Hey I'm new!

    Hi @A_long, welcome to AS. Don't worry about knowing how to use the site, you can figure things out as you go. I'd encourage you to start by having a look around and reading some threads that maybe you can relate to. If you see a 'tw' that means the post could be triggering so you may or may not want to read it depending on how you are feeling. You can reply in support of someone else's post, or you can start your own thread if there is a question you have, something you've been thinking about or feeling that you want to share, or to ask for some support. There is a lot going on here, so please take your time, there is no pressure to share unless you want to and as much or as little as you want. It often takes a lot of courage just to start out here, but you will find that its' a supportive, validating place and you are not alone in what you are going through.
  6. Hi

    Welcome to AS, @AloneandAnxious, I hope you feel a bit less alone already You have found a supportive community here, and please don't feel that you have any less right to be here and to express your pain than anyone else just because you might have had some resources . I'm so glad you had a few good things in your life too, and some support, but that doesn't take away the harm that was done to you, nor does it mean that you don't still need the particular kind of support you can get among peers who have been through similar traumas and who understand how you feel. I wish you all the best in your healing.
  7. When will it end

    Hi skysky, I'm glad you found AS. I am sorry for what your brother did, it was so wrong of him to hurt you. It can take a while to heal but you have found a very supportive community here who will listen and understand.
  8. Hi, nice to meet you all.

    Hi Nuggart, Welcome to AS! You are not mucking anything up, don't worry. Take your time and you'll find your way around. You've found a safe and supportive community, and I wish you the best on your healing path.
  9. Hello! I’m new

    Hi Em, welcome to AS! This is a supportive community and I hope you will make some friends here who understand your experiences. We are people who will hear you, believe you and support you.
  10. Hello Everyone

    Hi Kendra, Welcome to AS! I know what you mean about needing some anonymity sometimes, and how hard it is to talk about it even though it affects our lives so much. I have found AS to be a very supportive, safe community to listen and share with people who 'get it' and I hope you will too as you continue to heal.
  11. Male Victim

    So true, it's unfortunate that this is the case, but we here know that this happens and it has devastating consequences. I am sure you will find others here who can relate to what you are going through. The isolation can be really tough. I am sorry for what you endured, but I welcome you to AS, and hope you will find that we are a supportive community and safe place for you to talk about your experiences and your feelings and be validated, believed and supported.. I wish you the best on your healing journey.
  12. Trying to hang on

    Hello @SarahSlays, Welcome to AS! I am sorry for the repeated traumas you have endured. I can relate to wondering 'why does this keep happening'. I know there is nothing you did to make it happen, perps choose their actions, and it is not your fault. I hope your treatment becomes available soon, and meanwhile please do hang on, we understand, and we are here to listen and support you.
  13. intro

    Hello @treading water, and welcome to AS! I am sorry to hear about the cyber stalking, that must have been terrifying. I don't think the fact that it is online makes it any less disturbing, but perhaps its also triggering some older feelings too. I have always found this community safe and well moderated and I hope you will feel supported here too.
  14. First time in a long time

    Hi Em, welcome back, although I'm so sorry to hear that something happened again. This site has grown and changed a lot but we are still here to listen and support you. I wish you the best on your healing journey.
  15. Hello! Im new.

    Hi Sarah, welcome to AS! I hope you will find this a supportive community where people 'get' what you have been through and still struggle with. Take your time to look around and get to know us, I'm sure you'll find some friends here!