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  1. Hi @HJM I am also new member here and I found this place as an relief , I hope you can find it too. I am also playing music and I love music so much! Music helps me going through all this situation I have been dealing with. I hope it does the same to you
  2. Hii! I am glad that I found you all here
  3. I have therapy as well.. unfortunately this years,when this thing happened to me I had to change therapist,actualy I changed two,because my old therapist she was pregnant and she didn't want to continue with her job.. so it was really hard for me to find a new one to trust all over again and the same time talk about what I've been going throught and myself and life before that. It is so hard to trust a new person, to feel comfortable and safe but still I am trying to improve this feeling,this fear and thank you for your advice.it's so true. It needs to go step by step and I hope one day it wil
  4. what you had in your mind?? or why you chose me?
  5. Hello again, how are you? if you want, I wanna know how you get away from this fear. Yes it is normal I guess too for survivors.. I think it will go away slowly right?
  6. @Poppy_ @8888 @snmls @silentg @MeBeMary and @missfrier I can't thank you enought for your kind words! When I read your answers made me feel for the first time after months that I am not alone and a hope for understanding and peace. I hope it will be true and i will be finally be healed a little bit or more. I know there are strong and difficult stories and maybe mine will be lighter but for me it is so hard to deal with.. I don't know how to talk about it here, I am trying to find the way and my way to share it and I thank you once again about you encouranging answers! Did any of you ev
  7. Hello to everyone here! I am a new member and I will ask you for your understanding because I don't have English as my mother tongue, so maybe some of my posts or words can be wrong.I am here because I am seeking to share my experience about sexual harrasment in workplace.. I want to find people to share my story and talk about their stories in this matter. This could be great help for me cause it is so difficult to feel ok.
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