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  1. I'm new too! Everyone here has blown me away with their support and kindness. We'll all heal together Sending hugs, if that's okay
  2. @goldraindrops Thank you! I feel the warmth, kindness and understanding in ways I never could have imagined!
  3. @8888 Thank you! I greatly appreciate it!
  4. @Struggling88 Hi
  5. The safe hugs are greatly appreciated! I'm so glad to hear how supportive this site has been of you for years! It may only be an emoji but I agree it is powerful1
  6. Thank you all!!! I never expected such a warm and welcoming response! I'm full of happy tears right now! @missfrier I'm still very new here and I can feel like a part of this family. It is beyond beautiful! @snmls I think I will find this site very helpful. Thank you! @Capulet It's amazing to know that after several years, this site is still there helping you. I feel like forums like this normally slowly trickle away but it's wonderful to know that the love and outreach here is so strong that is have impacted people for years @Free2Fly Safe hugs are always welcome! Thank you! @Poppy_ Thank you! You are so kind! I feel supported and validated in a way I've never experienced before. I am beyond grateful for the pocketrider @Iheartcupcakes I think I really have come to the right place!
  7. I found this website after a bit of a downward spiral a few nights ago. I just really needed someone to talk to and more than that I needed to feel listened to. I wasn't sure if this website would be worth the wait of registration when I needed someone so desperately at that moment. I read through the guidelines and abbreviations post and I started to cry. I love the terms like "Pocket Riders", asking for "hugs", and "Sitting with someone". I just felt such a warmth of love, understanding, and support from those ideas of being there for someone like that. It helped me so much that night. It wasn't what I thought I wanted but it was certainly what I needed. So, hello everyone! Thank you for having me here and thank you for being so beautifully supportive and helpful already! I'm really glad to be here
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