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  1. Im dehydrated, sleep deprived and unwell, but today i gathered my stones and went to a buddhist center in the city, something I've been wanting to do for many years now :) lovely foods and they have a library so i took out some books about the organisation, calming the mind, and one on forgiveness. I'll report back on my findings :)

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    2. limbodante


      It seems a big part of it was anxiety. I caught the train back rather than the bus because there was a toilet option, but I didn't need it, and the fewer stops between me and home, the more relaxed and less unwell I felt. Of course, I downed a bottle of mountain dew on the train which may have helped. I feel ok now, just a bit woozy from today's exertion. Walked 8000 steps. May recover a bit then go walk over the meadow like I would if I had the dog, that should tip me over the 10000 steps target.

    3. MermaidGirl91


      Hi Dante. Sending safe hugs. Take care of yourself

    4. Juniperberry1900


      hydrate Dante. hope you find some inspiring thoughts in the books!  safe hugs

  2. hey, how does one get into the 'chatroom' please????

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    2. mary1887


      okay.  why don't you ask then.  and i'll ask too.  thank you for your support to this room problem.

    3. patriciag


      I will leave them a message, take care

    4. mary1887
  3. When you speak, it is silent. When you're silent, it speaks.

    Note to self: shut up from time to time :P

  4. I wonder about me and video games. In real life I'm easy going, compassionate, empathic to the point of my own suffering. I give people the benefit of the doubt, I assume the best in people, I'm sad when people hurt. Then I play a video game like Total War and I become ruthless, destroy their every unit so there's nobody alive to counterattack. I'm wondering which version is the real me. Give a man a mask and he'll show you his true self. Is the way I treat virtual opponents, where there's no consequence, who I am underneath this sagelike facade? Or is that only the purging of my lower self so I can BE this lovely chap I try to be? Ponderingments.

    1. Free2Fly


      Man was designed to have two sides of the coin, one dark and evil & one good light as the sun.

    2. Ian37


      I don't think that your aggressive actions during a video game suggest that you're not a sympathetic soul away from them. Maybe, this is a way that you can get some of your frustration out in a creative manner. It is not as if you are really hurting anyone. We all probably have bad and good within us. That does not mean we will act on the bad. We're all just trying to process what has happened to us the best way possible. I believe that your true self is the one you show away from a screen.

  5. Falling down the stairs is less fun than it looks in sitcoms.

    1. Oneinamillion


      Sorry... Hope your ok

    2. limbodante


      Not bad. The years of ninjutsu taught me how to roll, but my back took a beating when I landed on it, even if I did mitigate the impact. Just been stiff and fatigued today. Was lucky not to injure myself though, falling down steel stairs and landing onto concrete.

  6. (tw)

    I love the Post Atomic Horror podcast, but if I had a quid for every time they've said "r*pe gang" because it's in one character's backstory... I'd have a LOT of money right now. The word itself doesn't bother me too much but the more they say it the more it gets under my skin ><

  7. Wilkommen, bienvenue, velcooooome. AS chat is my online HQ, I'm there more often than not. Helps to hang out with folks who Get It. Nobody here has minimised my experiences or told me "it sucks, but it happens" like one of my ex-friends did. It's pretty neat :3
  8. In the mood to reconnect with some people, so I look at a friend's friends list on facebook coz unlike me he kept in touch with people from school. Everyone's slim, good looking, healthy, got pictures with their kids or from their wedding, one of them's a freaking airplane pilot now.. I just wanted to say hi, now I'm feeling kinda worthless and inadequate, and how much I've messed up my life is painfully obvious :(

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    2. GaleH


      If you search through mrrepzion's youtube he talks about was raped, that that he was also falsly accused of rape by an old girlfriend and he proved she was lying because he had the message she sent him threatening him with it. I like that guy is is interested in the truth 

    3. Free2Fly


      Safe hugs limbo I feel that way too they all have kids & one of them she was a really nice girl she's vanished off the face of the earth completely so yeah strange things a foot.


      dont feel to bad.


      free :butterfly: 

    4. GaleH


      The main thing that messes me up about this is that they have more than me and i want what they have. It messes with our identity i guess. There is a stress docu.entary that talks about this.  I think he studied baboons. That there were these mean baboons that bullied the less macho baboons. And then some sort of poison killed the macho baboons. And the scientist was really sad cuz then he couldnt study the ones that died. But he continued to watch them. And he found that the bullied baboons were so much more happy and everyone got along. Bit the main thing bullies do is say look what i have and you dont. What my abuser has really messes with me. We have the same favorite color. She is a millionaire. She has fancy clothes. A prefect family. Fancy car. I still cant figure out how to stop wanting what she has. Is that how i heal? I still dont get it. I do know though that there is a type of tw rapist that wears flashy clothea and has a flashy car. Its kinda creepy. What is it that makes a mansion kinda creepy? 

  9. I've been making a lot of mistakes lately, basic blunders and errors in judgement, and begun doubting myself horrendously. But last night someone thanked me for talking to them and said I really helped, and I cried. This is why I try. Thank you, that person, for your reassurance that I occasionally say the right thing :)

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    2. missfrier


      aww  you are aamzing    you have been really good friend to me and  have  supported  me  loads and it  really  does   mean alot  to me  i know  not been on much   but that is because  i shut my  self  away   because  i cant  deal with everything  and all happening  at  once  your amazing and   you help so many  people  here @limbodante

    3. Annie7


      hugs if ok 

    4. limbodante


      Thank you all. Hugs all round

  10. After 20 years, this still blows my mind


  11. So here we go. Getting dressed. An hour to go before my appointment. Anaesthetic put in eyes and my eyeballs hugged by a machine to see if I'm gonna lose my vision anytime soon. I won't ask for prayer coz I don't believe in it, but I won't stop you. I'd appreciate any good vibes and voodoo you feel like sending my way today, I can't handle anything near my eyes, this is gonna be horrible regardless of the result :(

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    2. Free2Fly


      Aww it's nice they did it personally than use the machine.


      i understand the fear , I have a fear of needles I freak out and the only way they can do it is to strap me down which is a trigger for me but I've never told anyone :( .


      still safe hugs limbo glad your okay. :) 

    3. limbodante


      Ah the machine checks the pressure, the other gives a more accurate reading to see how bad high pressure is. I'd much rather do the puff of air in the eye than need anaesthetic drops and a rod over my pupil. It was all set up downstairs, not needing it felt like telling her what she wanted to know so she didn't have o torture me for it ><

      I had a fear of needles but then I got diabetes. Adapt or die, heh. I would've managed I guess if the eyes situation was serious but I'm glad I don't have to. Sorry about your trigger

    4. Free2Fly


      Thanks Limbo I've been  like it since I was 5 ,

      Glad your okay though :) 

  12. Current feelings: *knocks over jenga tower, pours petrol, sets fire, points at the mess*

    1. Free2Fly


      Awesome always wanted to burn jenga blocks can I help?

  13. There's a special circle of hell that has clones of me punching them in the balls for all time for comedians who open a show with no preamble or warning by joking about abortion.

    1. Free2Fly


      Wow , ok I agree.

  14. "I'm trying to look on the bright side of things- doing a 180 I guess- but it's hard." Of course it is. 180 is a lot of degrees. It's practically halfway round! One degree at a time