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  1. "I feel pieces of my brain falling away like wet cake."

  2. I think I'm literally losing my mind. I can feel reality slipping out of my hands.

    1. EmergingLight


      I know that feeling Dante. You aren't losing your mind.

  3. Never opened myself this way

    Life is ours, let's live it our way

    All these words I don't just say

    And nothing else matters

  4. A sexual assault-focused counselling agency got in touch yesterday to confirm I've been referred, but there's a long waiting list because people are scum and there are a lot of damaged folks who need their help. Fair enough. They provided a self help pamphlet in the meantime to tide me over. So far it's just telling me what sexual abuse is. Which I know already, which is why I got in touch with them regarding therapy to recover from it >< You ever get the feeling people just do nothing for the sake of doing something? :P

    1. LuthienTinuviel


      sounds frustrating

      feel mean saying this but sometimes people seem stupid.

    2. limbodante


      Thankfully the second half does have info on how to ground oneself and self-care and such. I felt a bit talked down to reading about what abuse is and who can be abused though. Silently screaming at the pages "what it is? What happened to me. Who it happens to? Me! I KNOW THIS ALREADY, HALP!"

    3. Mom2BnE


      Ugh, so sorry to hear that, Dante. 

  5. Sex ruins everything. Especially sex.

  6. Had a good day. My lady is lovely and a good cuddler. Exhausted now. Will post about it later.

    1. snmls


      I'm happy to hear you found someone.  :)

  7. I hate the dreams where I have to fight but have forgotten martial arts ><

    1. Me89


      Story of my life lol

    2. MzKeys75


      Or need to run, but can only walk slow motion.  So frustrating.

  8. Getting that "walls are closing in" feeling. Just breathe.

  9. New

    Hi Sonny, you have a very pretty username, I likes it. Welcome
  10. Excellent
  11. Nothing to add. Just have a listen.


  12. Saw the doctor about the flashbacks. Got given new meds. Nervous, but it's cheaper than self medicating with alcohol and nicotine. Wish me luck.

    1. LuthienTinuviel
    2. EmptyInside


      Brave move my friend, well done! I really hope they help you.

    3. tuliptorn


      Wise step. :up:

  13. I see a lot of new members lately. Always happy to meet folks, but man, does it break my heart that so many people need this place :(

  14. The chat! IT LIVES!

    1. Me89


      *does a happy dance*