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    Also video gaming, martial arts, steampunk everything, and all the cool things awesome people do.

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  1. Times like this I really miss chat. I don't wanna just sit on my own and stew over the world today. I'm not really up to saying too much either, but lurking among company would be nice right about now. Hugs to all, hope everyone's safe.

    1. Painnbroken


      Sitting with you if ok and hugs to you too if ok 

  2. There have been so many new members lately. Nice to meet you all. Really wish you didn't need to be here. I wonder what caused the influx?

  3. I'm so ill. Keeping anxiety in check but feeling like I'm dying. Fed up of being unwell. I don't foresee me being useful on the board for a while.

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    2. limbodante


      Thanks fella, that's rather lovely of you ^_^ Feeling so fragile I can barely think straight so "hello" is likely all I can manage today.

    3. Oneinamillion


      Dante I hope your feeling better I made a big pot of chicken noodle soup and some tea just for you sending it your way my friend ;)

    4. limbodante


      lol thanks. I'm afraid to eat anything :( Reminds me of when I became lactose intolerant after a massive dairy binge, I felt a lot like this, like I was gonna die, and I lost so much weight coz I was living on about two crackers a day coz I was scared to eat. I don't feel THAT bad, but the thought of eating anything makes me nervous. I only bought salad yesterday, I hope I'm better before it goes to waste. But thanks, chicken noodle soup sounds worth the gamble :)

  4. Ahoy hoy, Em, welcome to the shindig. Sucks that you got an invite to this particular party but it's nice of you to show up Socially awkward? Hell, you'll fit right in, that's something you're guaranteed to have in common with just about all of us lol smalltalk is easy when nobody knows how to make it, you can comment on the curtains and we'll just be grateful someone's saying something :3
  5. The John Oliver Effect is a thing. Stuff he talks about on Last Week Tonight has tangible effects on the real world. I doubt I'll get any result from it but I just tweeted him asking him to talk about abuse survivors and awareness because he could really help out. Expecting nothing, but who knows?

    1. CurlyQueen


      Thanks so much for doing that. I think it would be a great topic for him to talk about. I love John Oliver, he does great work. 

  6. Super minor thing, but it really bothers me how mum keeps telling me to grow my hair back. I shave my head partly because of male pattern baldness, and being bald is far more comfortable than having a bald spot, but a big part of it is because of buddhism, shaving the head represents releasing the ego. I wish she understood that it means something beyond mere aesthetics and comfort. I feel my beliefs are undermined when she insists I grow it back ><

    1. LuthienTinuviel


      Do you feel comfortable telling her? 

    2. limbodante


      I have done more than once but she does go on :P She said fair enough this time so maybe it's finally stuck. Though she and my brother still don't understand why I don't want to kill spiders.

    3. LuthienTinuviel


      I let a spider go last night. Hope I can be redeemed soon 

  7. Not sure where to put this and it feels self indulgent to start a thread. I just wanted to apologise for some of my posts lately, I've been self righteous and aggressive and said some unreasonable, stupid stuff. If any of that's beendirected at you, dear reader, I'm very sorry. I could offer possible reasons, but they just feel like excuses. I hope I've not upset anybody beyond who got in touch with me. I'm better than this.

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    2. LuthienTinuviel


      Like someone I know right be* 

    3. LuthienTinuviel
    4. Juniperberry1900


      Thank you Dante for posting this. Please be kind to yourself. 

  8. I'm tired of my mind. It's time for Vulcan meditation.

  9. Annoyed. Timing sucks. I was referred to abuse-specific counselling a couple of months ago. This past couple of weeks I've had debilitating digestive issues that have made it impossible to plan stuff, my sleeping pattern is wrecked, I'm afraid to go anywhere... and they phoned me this morning to arrange when we can start ><

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    2. Bluesclues


      Timing is almost always awful haha. At least for me. My DS has been out of wack these past couple of months as well but I'm fine. I'm sorry it's debilitating. Make an appointment then you'll have something to get up and you know have a plan for whatever day. If I don't make an appointment right then then I never make it. 

      Safe hugs. Sorry if I sounded pushy

    3. limbodante


      Thank you both. I finally phoned, and the admin had gone home, so I had to wait for someone to get in touch with the lady who called me so she could phone me back. I'm going in next Thursday for my "clinical assessment," which she assures me is "nothing to worry about," as if anything with "clinical" in the sentence is a pleasant experience :P

    4. MermaidGirl91


      Safe hugs Dante. Will be pocket riding if you want?

  10. Who are you? Resilient to have survived this long. You don't survive abuse so long if you're not creative about how you cope. Creativity is what the world needs, problem solving. I can sense from your opening thread your warmth and friendliness. You're trusting and want to see the best in people, going by how soon you share your story. You have faith that you can get better, that suggests adaptability and an open mind. You're eloquent. You have a good vocabulary. You're focused to sit down and write this much. Something in your manner tells me you're a superb friend and wonderful person. You're determined and want to achieve. Our past makes us who we are, but what we focus on makes our future. I'm sure you have a lot of anxiety and fear, but you have so much more than the damage. You are, regardless of how you feel, a complete person. So you have issues. Everyone has issues. You have fire, I can tell that from your posts. You'll do great things, you have that potential. You are not your abuse, however much you're influenced by it. You're your own person, underneath the blankets abuse has wrapped around your mouth. Keep screaming, gnash them away. I know you're gonna win ^_^
  11. Whenever you doubt you're strong, remember how long you've survived. I don't care how much you believe in your strength, your life itself is proof that you're strong.
  12. You must have left just before I registered. Hiya Kinda sorry to welcome you back, but pleased to meet you.
  13. Feeling awkward? Self conscious? Check this out. I've been out three times today, shopping twice and to meet my brother. I came home, went to the bathroom, and as I catch my reflection in the mirror, realise when I shaved my head and face this morning... I missed a sideburn :P

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    2. Juniperberry1900


      Symmetry is over rated. Character is everything. You, my friend, have character! 

    3. limbodante


      Quite so ^.Q

    4. MermaidGirl91


      :rofl3: Oh Dante. Bet you still looked handsome with one sideburn though.

      Sometimes I am thankful I am a woman, worst I managed was to shave one leg and not the other, but no one noticed!

  14. Within Temptation, golly effing gosh it's been ages since I last listened to them! To the youtubemobile! I've heightened my vocal range considerably by singing along to Steam Powered Giraffe and Poets of the Fall lol. SPG's Way Into Your Heart and Speed of Light, and Poets of the Fall's Cradled in Love and Daze. Great songs, much fun to belt out in the shower xD You say you're an open book but I still feel like it's prying, so you don't have to answer, but I'm interested in your experiences transitioning (do I read correctly that you're on HRT to become more masculine?) I have a friend who's FtM trans, currently going through the process of being allowed to start transitioning and stuff. Maybe better for a PM, or if we bump into each other in chat sometime, but for now I just wanted to confirm that's the case and it's ok to ask about it ^_^
  15. So many questions about things you've said that interest me, but I don't wanna interrogate you, I daresay we'll get to know each other in time. I also like to sing, I'm told I'm good at it but I think they say that to get me to stop "practising" xD What do you enjoy singing? I've recently discovered Disney musicals and summarily butcher them without exception, singing in entirely the wrong tune and rhythm, but I prefer my way Welcome to the site, I hope you havea productive time here.