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  1. What can I say, but hey, you're welcome?

  2. If you're anxious or dissociating, try searching for physics toys on youtube. Your mileage may vary, but for me they get my brain proper focused on the confusion at hand and before long I'm giggling at how bloody clever they are

  3. New, and with good taste in video games, I assume You're in a decent place. I'm sorry you were hurt so young, but if you've found your way here you'er reaching out, and that means getting back on your feet, you're on the right path. Namaste
  4. Still waiting to run out of tears.

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    2. snmls
    3. limbodante


      It's cathartic, I'm just tired of it now. In the week I've been away I've become vegan and ... well let's just say the world's more full of injustice than from just abusers of people. Then there's Chester's suicide, ... basically nothing has changed except I can't keep a stiff upper lip anymore. #badatbeingBritish

    4. limbodante


      Thanks all for the support

  5. Burned out to a crisp, in bits on the floor, a sad moustache lying in a puddle of done. Email me when chat's back, I'm going away til I come back.

    1. Juniperberry1900


      Dante, we all have limits and need a break now and again. Please be gentle with yourself and be sure to step up your self-care. safe huggs, if okay, :hug::bubble:

  6. In 1997, 39 people in the UK found themselves in hospital with tea-cosy-related injuries.

    1. Scared1


      I feel the vast majority of these people are more then likely related to me in someway. When I was 7 I did insist on wearing a tea cosy as a hat for an entire winter. However I did not injure myself whilst wearing said attire :roflmao:

    2. limbodante


      "Never trust anyone who, when left alone with a tea cosy, doesn't try it on." I forget who said it but it's up there with singing in the shower, I find it holds absolutely true xD

  7. You already started healing when you made the decision to reach out It'll be an ongoing thing from here. The journey tends to be messy, but you've got a few hundred regular members on your side to help you through it.
  8. Wilkommen, bienvenue, velcome. And ahoy, for good measure ^_^
  9. You have cats and bikes in your life and you need help on top of that? Like there's anything better we could offer than that xD Nobody's good at reaching out really until they practice for a while, it's a good step that you've started now, I know you'll get some good support here. And don't mind my being flippant, humour is just how I cope, I don't mean anything by it ^_^ Nice to meetcha.
  10. When the instructions say to pour the oil in while the blender's going, don't listen, it's a heinous lie :P But yay, homemade vegan mayonnaise :)

    1. LuthienTinuviel


      do you use olive oil and avocado?

    2. limbodante
    3. limbodante


      I used sunflower oil, soya milk, sprinkling of salt, and white wine vinegar. I threw in a spring onion for good measure :P

  11. I'm super depressed today so doing the only thing I can: picking fights with Donald Trump on Twitter ^_^

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    2. oceonwaves


      sorry you are feeling depressed,  hope you are back to your amusing/ funny self soon.

       glad that you are having digs at Humpty Trumpty he cannot take any kind of criticism, hopefully he will block you :P freedom of speech I think he is under the impression it only applies  to himself and people that agree with him

      certainly not women , or any minority group, or the press.

    3. limbodante


      It'd be a shame in a way, the dude's comedy gold in tweet form. Still scary as hell as a president, but as a twitter numpty, he's right up there with James Blunt, if only for laughs but not wit :P The existential crisis, alas, continues with force. Back to ideation instead of counting sheep, but it's not intent, I'm still safe and stuff, worry not for old Dante :) I'm sure it'll pass, but will take one of me acute anxiety thingers in case it helps. Thanks for the well wishes, ocean and Star.

    4. StrugglingMama


      What a productive way to handle depression! LOVE IT


  12. You may not forgive them, but it sounds like you're on your way to finding peace about what they did. The fact you'd be ok if they're still out there doing better says a lot more about you than that you might let a bus hit them. It's all good
  13. Entering day 5 of things going pretty great. I could really get used to this lol

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    2. LuthienTinuviel


      That's nuts . I'm sorry:console:

    3. Free2Fly



      man I am sorry... pharmacys suck in our country.

    4. limbodante


      It's got sorted now, mum phoned them, but there were a few minutes of "oh crap" that disrupted my flow of positive. Now yesterday two so called friends make bacon comments on a photo I posted on facebook of a piglet, because I want a pet micropig, which is just disrespectful, and I dreamt one of the dogs died. My winning streak is well and truly done :(

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