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  1. and welcome to AS (aftersilence) You have joined a great community, who will be more than happy to support you. I look forward to seeing you around the boards when you are ready
  2. Thank you @tdm1978 I look forward to seeing you around the boards
  3. Awww thank you @kyukidojen that's really lovely of to you say. It made me happy seeing a familiar face when I first came back. I've missed you xx
  4. @Dahliaa lovely to meet you too @silentg thank you. Always welcoming of hugs and support. Xx
  5. @Bluesclues thank you Thanks Fallen, you are very kind @Painnbroken thank you @MeBeMary thank you. It's certainly more fancy pants then last time I was here. Loving the new features @Struggling88 hiya and thank you
  6. Thanks guys. I appreciate the welcome back. @fallenstar thank you lovely. I'm fully the least tech savvy person in the world so I will probably need to take you up on that offer!!! 😂 @Ian37 thanks Ian. I am a lot further along the road then I ever thought I would be. I look forward to seeing you around the boards. @Oneinamillion thank you that's very kind @oceonwaves you all are indeed a lovely lot.
  7. Hi everyone, AS was an absolute life line for me when I first started this journey. I haven't been around on here for a looooong time. But I'm back now to hopefully pay forward the help and support I received. The website has changed so much it may take me awhile to find my way around though 😂
  8. Thank god for that. Just had a mini melt down
  9. I am unsure what you are asking here? If you want to search for topic title use the search box at the top of the page under the as banner. If you want to search by forum click on the header of that forum and it will show you all recent posts in there. By starter click on the persons profile, and topics, or search for them under members- again at the top under the banner. Instead of clicking on my controls try my assistant that tells you what topics you have replied to and the last 10 topics that you started yourself
  10. Thank you chasm so much for coming back and letting us know healing is possible. You filled me with hope reading this. Welcome back :hug: :hug:
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