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  1. Hi, Madeline. I am so sorry to hear about your recent relationship. Emotional abuse can be just as bad and hard. Words can hurt just as much and last perhaps at times within someone even longer. You are brave and strong leaving the situation that was causing what seems like prolonged negative effects. It is not always easy changing what may be used to. That does not mean that change isn't for the best. There truly is so much to try figuring out and there's never really a general blueprint. That can make it seem even more overwhelming. Please be assured that you have found a community of gentle souls who in general may be able to relate and understand. My hope is that this brings you some sense of comfort and peace during this trying time. ☘️
  2. Hi, Camila! This is definitely a place where you can feel free to explore as best for you. Please know that the mixed feelings in general are rather normal. It is part of what makes finding any sense so hard. There is no official blueprint to follow. But perhaps there is a freedom with that as well. I tried to bury it all also by running all the time. What is meant of coming out tends to surface eventually. It's also perhaps normal to have things come up later on. Which makes the now even more challenging. Please know that you have taken an important step in reaching out. My sincere hope is that you find some solace here within general understanding. ☘️
  3. Ian37


    Rachie, please know that these feelings you speak of can come at the most inopportune times. That makes it harder perhaps to deal with or make sense of anything at all. I am so sorry to hear about the current tensions. Talking definitely can help. Please know that you have found a helpful site with souls who may be able to relate even if only in general. Maybe, this will make you feel just a little less alone during these trying times. ☘️
  4. Does this ever end?

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    2. 8888


      For me trauma therapy was the most helpful.  If you are unable to go to therapy I would recommend trying to get out your story in a journal so it no longer is held inside of you as much.  You can even share some or all of it here if you are comfortable.  

    3. Ian37


      8888, that is really interesting. I am actually writing a semi-autobiographical movie script that does sort of get my story out. There is intense hypnosis within it. Working on it makes me feel better in ways. Yet also reminds me of quite a bit of pain as well. 


    4. 8888


      That's cool you are writing a movie script.  I think it is likely it will keep reminding you of the pain at first but maybe in time it will get better.  

  5. Lily, you will likely find that this is a group who can provide you with some interesting insight. That is because so many may be able to relate even if only in general. It can be daunting I think doing something new. Yet there also always needs to also be that first step. You can share as and when you are ready and still find that desired support. My sincere hope is that you find some positive here.
  6. Welcome, Jaclyn! You have found a genuinely good group of people to help you within your journey. It seems that there really is so much to think about and things can get overwhelming at times. Just know that you may not be all alone in what you are feeling and thinking.
  7. Ian37


    Welcome, Nichole! You really have found a very calming and comforting place. Some of this really can be trial and error at times. What totally works for one may not do anything at all for another. My hope is that you take the time exploring everything the site has to offer and find some sincere solace within your own journey.
  8. Ian37


    Hi, Azika. There really is no 'right' way with any of this. My hope is that you will find some comfort here as well.
  9. Welcome to a very friendly and incredibly supportive community, Fairlis. It is so hard when going through traumas at such an early age. I'm a fellow survivor of this as well. There always needs to be a start all the same as we try to find some comfort and healing. Please take your time to explore all the site has to offer.
  10. Ian37


    Jodi, experiencing extreme trauma early in life cannot help but affect us later on. It can make one feel not worthy of anything at all. Yet, there is still so much out there to embrace. Having a caring community like this can help perhaps make you feel just a little less alone.
  11. Ian37


    Welcome, Liv Christine! It sounds like you have a supportive therapist. Talking about things can be a positive step along the way. Especially when those listening happen to care and also may relate.
  12. Ian37


    Welcome, Em! I know that this can all seem overwhelming at times. There still always needs to be a start and you have truly found a wonderful source for help.
  13. Cat Mom. this is a site where so many will get you even if only in general. There is so very much to process that finding where to jump in can make one quite anxious. The hardest part though is taking that initial step. Which you seem to have now done.
  14. Ian37


    Welcome, Brown Deer! Opening up can be quite the challenge when we have been closed off for so long. It can be all about trial and error at times. It's maybe all about finding those sincere souls out there who make us feel even just a little less alone. You will find many of those around these parts.
  15. Ian37


    Kristen Nicole, it sucks that some of the worst comes months and years after the actual abuse. Please know you are not alone in this. Some on here may be able to get it even if only in general. Trust is not something to be freely exchanged. It takes time to build with someone else. Even more so when one has experienced it being ripped away. No need to rush anything at all. Though there is always immediate help and support available here.
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