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  1. I hear you, Miss L. It would be so much easier if we could just be in control over these negative things that tend to haunt us. I am really starting to think that it just makes things tend to be even worse since an attacker tries to take that control away from us. So, it makes us perhaps feel closed-in, so to speak. I've tried to run from state to state multiple times hoping the pain would go away. All it did was push things to the side as opposed to getting rid of anything. The thoughts that do come up are there to maybe remind us that we are not done processing yet. They seem to be strongest when we are at our weakest. Just really wish they would go away at times. So sorry to hear about your sadness. No need to talk about what you're not ready to yet. Just coming on here in the first place suggests inner strength in itself. There always needs to be that first step.
  2. Welcome, Miss L! This is a safe and special space filled with many kind and gentle human beings. I hope that you find some comfort here.
  3. Thank you so much, Painbroken! A kind welcome like that is not ever late at all. This is an amazing group of human beings and I am so happy to be just a small part of it. Such a shame that soccer is not more popular here in the States. Looking forward to interacting with you hopefully on the boards!
  4. Sunrise Kitten, I think that one thing you may find here is a certain sense of unity. This comes as a result of being around other souls who can sort of relate. Not that anyone will ever fully know what specific trauma you've been through. Still there is a sense of general understanding. Realizing that you're really not alone may prove to be rather powerful.
  5. Hi, Sunrise Kitten! Welcome to the site. There always needs to be a first step and you have already showed strength in taking it. Please do not beat yourself up too much for waiting though. Healing journeys have to take place at our own pace. Not much good has ever come when things are forced. I hope that being here proves to help.
  6. Welcome, 20yrs silent! This is definitely a safe place to seek help. One of the things which may make it more comfortable for you at first is the anonymity. Furthermore, there are so many caring and considerate human beings out here who can relate to trauma in general. No one else will ever be able to fully understand what you've been through. There is still some strength in unity. Please know you are not alone. Your emotions make complete sense! One small step at a time. May you find some peace of mind here and going forward.
  7. Welcome, Liliana28! Cannot possibly make that giant leap unless you make that first step. There is already strength within that. It would be so much easier if it could be pushed all the way back. The harder we try to push it away seems to just put it front and center even further. The anonymity can make it much easier to open up. This is how it was with me. That being said, this truly is an amazing community filled with remarkable human beings who really do care. May your first movements on here be positive ones.
  8. Thank you for the welcome, PreciousRose! That is really kind of you. Many supportive people, indeed.
  9. Thank you, Paula! Definitely finding my way around and so grateful to have come across such a supportive community. My hope and plan is to continue being just a small part. There is true strength through general unity.
  10. Welcome, Sunshine 76. One small step at a time is all that any of us can truly take. This is very supportive community! May you find some peace and resolution going forward.
  11. Thank you for the welcome, Alleekat! You are more than welcome. Hope can definitely lead to possible healing. Very graciously accepting that kind and well-needed hug.
  12. Hi, Me89! Guilty as charged, huge soccer fan on this end. Have coached, played, and watched for many years. Thank you for the kind words! Everyone on here has been beyond friendly so far.
  13. Welcome, Beautifullymended. I really like your name as well. The hope is that time will start to heal. Please only share what you feel comfortable with and only if and as you are ready. Every single journey is personal. There is going to be someone there to listen.
  14. I appreciate the welcome, Struggling88! Thanks for that added encouragement, Phoenixxx! Perhaps, all of us feel sort of socially awkward at times. Maybe, some of us are better at trying to hide it. Open honesty is something I am trying to get better at. With the kind help of those closest to me. Being around those who were once closed-off and dishonest tended to stall my own progress. Trust has been a huge issue for me. It, or specifically the lack of it, has led me to make many mistakes. I wonder if and how others on here have learned to trust again. Something which will perhaps be explored in time. Still, better late than never, I suppose.
  15. Welcome, Ayla3! Sorry to hear about the rough memories as of late. There may not be any 'right time' to start something. We all have to make the path which will be best for us. May what you find going forward provide some sense of strength. Not to mention, happier things to remember.