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What Did You Do For You Today?

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I've been to the Doctor's, received a helpful telephone call from the hospital I was in, and Yay, I'm in the middle of celebrating my 37th wedding anniversary. In a short while we're going to have a really nice meal that I have just prepared.

The Sun is out and I can hear the sound of the waves rolling in on the shore, and the sea gulls are flying over, calling to each other, and I'm sitting here feeling at peace with the World.

Atlantis :)

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I went to my favorite local coffee shop and had a cup of coffee and soup. It was defintatly a treat and cheered me up. I also worked on some photography and enjoyed the spring day :)

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I took my dog for a walk. He has had knee surgery and although he had to stay on the lead this was our first walk in nearly two months and I was sooooo happy to be out with h0im again.

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I got up and went to the gym this morning for the first time in nearly 2 months. I used to be such a gym rat and I started slacking (probably because I'm in my last semester of college). But it felt so great to be working out again! I loved it so much I'm going to let myself get up and do it again tomorrow! :P

It was such a great way to start the day, too, because I didn't rush through life today like I usually do. I let myself amble a bit and enjoy the day for what it was. It turned out pretty darn well. And now I'm going to let myself go to bed and get a solid night's rest.

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Am fighting a stomach flu. Instead of pushing myself to work anyway, I took the day off and cared for me like I would have cared for my children. Rest, fluids, all that... I let myself rest.

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^^ I hope you're feeling better!

Today I deep cleaned our house-- It was much needed, and as I cleaned, I sang and danced my heart out with my ipod touch. It's the little things in life, right?

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What I do for myself today as I try to do everyday - especially when I am having a hard day - is to stop, really stop what I am doing and watch my children, watch them as they play in the backyard and discover a bug, watch them riding their bike with an expression of peace and a carefree attitude, watch them sleeping peacefully. To watch, see, and understand that I have provided them something I never had - a chance to be a kid, a chance to grow up without having to look over their shoulder waiting for the next . . ., a chance to feel safe and know their needs will be met when needed at that moment and not later when it is more convenient for their parent or maybe never at all.

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i've joined this brilliant forum which has really cheered me up. i also watched spongebob (yes i'm a BIG KID :P ) and ate a whole packet of cookies. guess i'm gonna have to go for a very long jog tomorrow :P

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My fiance & I registered for our wedding at Kohls and had a BLAST together with the little scanner gun :D

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My fiance & I registered for our wedding at Kohls and had a BLAST together with the little scanner gun :D

Congratulations!! When is the wedding to be?

January 30, 2010. We did the kitchen stuff at Kohls, mainly because we can add online and delete online, and got the basic stuff already on there. As it gets closer, we'll do Crate & Barrel, and Bed, Bath & Beyond! :)

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I slept in until almost 1 pm!! Now I'm relaxing, and plan on taking a nice hot shower before going to my dad & stepmom's house to celebrate my little sister's 14th birthday! GAH! I can't believe she's 14 already!

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I had a really nice interlude with my wife :throb:

with a promise of more quality time this evening after I finish my homework. she is tormenting a cardinal who was foolhardy enough to build her nest outside our backdoor, right above the dogs' way. So my w has a ladder out and is playing peeping tom on the poor thing. Two eggs :)

I do love that handsome goofed up survivor :flowers: if she keeps trying to build a happy healthy relationship I might have to keep her

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I am pleased you had a nice time with your W SC. Is a cardinal a sort of bird? Well if it lays eggs I guess it must be :duh:

I went to lunch with my son's girlfriend. We had a really rather horrible meal in a lovely pub garden and then shopped on the internet for things we most defintiely do not need.


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