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  1. I Have A Question

    It is the first topic in Psychological Well Being - look forward to seeing you there MysticsRain. Mods I always struggle to find it. Can it have a place of its own as there are a lot us with DID on the forum now. XXX
  2. I Am Back

    welcome back Kathrina. So sorry you have been unwell. Hope you are recovering well now. XXX
  3. Greetings!

    Hi monkey and a very warm welcome to AS. looking forward to getting to know you Maddie X
  4. May I Come Back?

    welcome back hon. You have been missed. XXX
  5. Greetings! 57 And Just Starting To Heal.

    Hi Antoinette and welcome. I also only started dealing with my "stuff" relatively recently. I am 52 and there are a few of of us older ones about. Looking forward to seeing you around. Maddie X
  6. Back

    Big welcome back. How have you been? Where have you been? XXX
  7. Im Holly, Im New

    Hi Holly and welcome to AS
  8. My Name Is Robert

    Hello Robert welcome to AS
  9. Hi Im New. Nice To Meet You All!

    Hi joy and welcome. is that your dog in the pic. looks very cute!! Love M
  10. Hi

    Hi Doug, Welcome back to AS Maddie X
  11. Need Friends

    Hi Tam and welcome to AS. I am sure you will soon make lots of friends here. Love Maddie
  12. I'm New... Broken

    Hello and a very warm welcome to AS Love Maddie X
  13. Back...

    Hi and welcome back. Hope you find lots of support. love maddie
  14. Yikes She's Back!

    Yay party for everyone. Love nachos!!!
  15. Yikes She's Back!

    Missed you too lovely!! Bring on the pondhoppers, find SC (she's been missing too), Azazo, Panda, SEC and everyone else. Get the balloons blown up we'll have a party.