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  1. cussypat


    hi, feel free to move this as i'm not sure where to put it! I'm back, tentatively..... Cat
  2. I sat on my big fat behind and did nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!! I chilled out and dozed on the couch covered in animals! ha ha! I love fur!!!! (So long as its attached to the original owner of course!) Cat
  3. Hi I'm Cat and not on any team so just saying hi for myself! Love your sunny colour font! Really striking and made me smile so thanks! Looking forward to getting to know you and PM me any time if you need any tips, advice or just a chat! Cat
  4. Hi Rpxy! I am hopeless with all this stuff too and just use the boards and chat lol. I think I have added a few friends in my time but have no idea how to locate them ha ha! Welcome! Cat
  5. Welcome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As gives great support. I'm glad you found us and looking forward to getting to know you! Cat PS: I love kittens lol!
  6. WELCOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cat
  7. Brent, first of all, welcome to AS. You have found the right bunch of people here, truly you have. I hope you find help and support here as I have done, and continue to do. You can post as much as you like whenever you feel ready/safe to do so and that is fine. There is no pressure here at all. It's all about YOUR healing, and we support each other as much as we can. The large community means there is always someone here to send a kind word or a safe hug. Take the time you need to browse the forums and see what we get up to support wise! I am glad you found us. Welcome! Cat
  8. Courage well done! AS will help ypu I know. The good thing is you can come here when you like so you have control Also, we are always here. Always someone to help. I held it for 12 years. AS has saved me. You mess up on AS and they forgive you. To me that was enormous. Well done finding us as it really is your first step! Not easy but helps having friends right? Cat
  9. cussypat


    To reassure you..... you are soooooooo safe here! Any problems (I have never had any here) just tell a mod! The mods here are fantstic and keep us all safe. AS helped me a lot..... I hope it does the same for you! Best of luck in your healng. PM me anytime. Cat
  10. support always here. to be understood just explain! we are all on that wavelength.... Glad you found us and welcome! Cat
  11. you are in the right place for talking! welcome and join us in chat when you can. You can also PM me if you like. Safe hugs..... Cat
  12. Faye! I like you already cos I like your introduction! Welcome to As. We are all friendly here and I a looking forward to getting to know you better! Cussy.
  13. I blocked for 12 years with no Therapy. You are normal! You are important so take the time to take care of yourself. You have friends here 24 7 I feel a connection to you right away which is wierd, and I never said that to any member before. (ask them! lol) Seriously..... I do feel a connection but have no idea why. I'm kinda spiritual that way. I am not a wierdo (ask around here) I'll leave it to you to message me. Either way, best of luck for the future!
  14. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU FOUND US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WELCOME!!!!!!!!!!!
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