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  1. Hello Everyone

    Hi jessica, Welcome to AS I hope you find what you are seeking here
  2. Hello

    Welcome Caleb congratulations on college too!
  3. Hello? (again)

    Thank you so much for welcoming me back it means so so much to me (if ok) I have missed this place dearly... and I look forward to meeting you around the board too phoenix girl
  4. Hello? (again)

    Hi there, I'm not sure if It's ok to come back here? I have been away for a long time and I was wondering if i may return? I understand if not though
  5. Newbie

    Hello everyone, I've been away for ages and feel like a newbie all over again so thought I would pop a post up and say hello again. Hope it's ok to come back
  6. Love This Place

    hi adnekal Welcome to AS, i am glad you found this place It's great to meet you Always here if you need a chat harp
  7. *insert Clever Title Here*

    Hi cyfin welcome to AS harp
  8. Hew All, New Here

    Hi D harp
  9. I'm Here!

    Hi lala harp
  10. Hi Am New And A Bit Worried

    Hey there net Its nice to meet you harp
  11. Facebook.

    I'm really not sure if we are allowed or not - sorry But i do have facebook
  12. May I Come Back?

    *smiles with happy tears in eyes* Thank you SO much everyone for welcoming me back Its great to be with you all Thanks Luv Yeah one butterfly Found *smiles huge* thank you so much for welcomeback party - i LOVE it Love
  13. May I Come Back?

    sorry double post
  14. May I Come Back?

    Thankyou SO much for letting me back and making me feel welcome. I have missed you all, to me, you are family. Thankyou Love, Harp
  15. May I Come Back?

    Gosh really? im allowed? i have missed you too so much i really have Thank you so so much for welcoming me Love, Harp