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  1. ribbitz


    I live in Oregon as well.
  2. Oh yes, if you find that peppermint please post? : ) Also, I feel like some of them were a bit confusing and I wish they could be explained or something.
  3. Very helpful, I marked the ones I thought I was and my secondary went through and decided if he agreed or if I identified with a different one instead.
  4. Just fyi, I added my facebook to my profile, hopefully that works. : )
  5. I'm unclear on the whole adding people from here on facebook. How do I go about doing that without breaking any rules?
  6. Hey, welcome, I know reading things can be hard, that's why trigger warnings are your friend around here. Don't get discouraged, stay in the places you feel safer here and reach out as you can. If you think things may be hard to read, avoid those areas until you're more comfortable. You can't join live chat until you've had at least ten posts. If you need anything or wanna chat, just PM me : )
  7. This is great, printing it out now. Thanks! ~Possible Trigger, IDK~ Question, in 'Beyond telling their story, but always aware they have created their own healing with HP' what does HP mean?
  8. Why was this moved? I put it in the same place where the myspace topic was... -confused-
  9. Wonderful, thanks! Got it!!!
  10. I don't necessarily want to make a page for it, I just wanted to make a status update or a note telling survivors to check it out. SAHM?
  11. I just want to raise awareness about this site because I think it's absolutely wonderful! If anyone wants to be facebook friends let me know. : )
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