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  1. heyyy, i'm so sorry you had to go through that and that it even happened. i felt the very same way that you did, i first posted my story online and this was the first time i ever "told" anyone what had happened. i was also afraid of what my family and friends would think, and i'm sorry that this is preventing you from speaking. but you must take your time and tell people only when you feel ready. you will find alot of support and love here, :hug:
  2. i played in the snow for a long time, and laughed with my friends.
  3. "that's nothing to be suicidal about. stop talking sh*t and grow up." from my mum, when i confided in her that it thought about ending it all. yeah, that hurt. she made me feel so pathetic.
  4. my God, some people say the most awful things! ones i've made are mostly from my mummy ones like "why is it still affecting you? just try not to think about it." "i don't think you should wear that skirt - you know what happened last time you showed off your legs like that." "you have nothing to be upset or worried about" - she said his 2 months after i told her what her brother had done to me. i reminded her for the 3rd time to get me some natural sleeping aids and she replied "oh for god's sake bea stop annoying me with your problems!" i cried for a few days after she said that. the only other one is from a teacher at school who saw i was upset. i didn't want to delve into it so i just said i had personal problems and they were upsetting/distracting me. while i was saying that i broke down, and she said "oh bea, you're so pretty, why are you in so much pain?" like that has anything to do with it! and i've read of that being said before - what goes through these peoples minds when they decide to say this stuff. not every much i imagine.
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