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  1. Welcome to the group and I hope you find support and strength here.
  2. Thanks to all of you for the great welcome! I already feel very much at home here and quickly realized what a great bunch of people that are hanging out here. Right now I am dealing the pure anger and revenge stage but not letting it eat me up. I have been seeing the counselor weekly for 3 1/2 months and plan to continue as long as needed. Recently she picked up another male sexual assault patient. We will be having some dual sessions with the three of us which should be very helpful for both of us. Having a great counselor certainly makes the long process much less bumpier. And those
  3. Thanks, I really appreciate the kind words and the warm welcome. Having a place were everyone understands the horrible feelings and damage that comes with sexual assault is going to be very helpful. Right now I need to see that life can and will go on and others that are farther along in the healing process. Down the road I will do my best at changing how male sexual assault is handled in my area. Right now it's unacceptable and mostly non-existent. The Pierce County Sexual Assault Center is supposedly the national model of what works and the number of people it has helped. Why they comp
  4. "The courage to heal" is the first book my wife read 19 years ago when she started counseling for childhood sexual abuse. She is now helping allot of other people to get help and start living life and enjoying healthy relationships. I hope you continue to work through your challenges and have a happy peaceful life. And at the same time try to empower others to reclaim their lives and sanity. Survivors can play a pivotal role in changing other peoples lives for the better. Best of wishes to you.
  5. I am glad I found this forum and people that know what I am dealing with. It has been four months since I was sexually assaulted by a urologist. At this time I am not sure if I am a survivor or still a victim. After four months of weekly counseling and heavy medication I still feel de-humanized, de-masculated and like a freak. My wife has been a source of incredible support and as a child rape survivor knows first hand what I am dealing with. As a guy I still cannot confide what happened to any of my male friends. My first counselor dropped me because she was not comfortable dealing wit
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