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    Sleeping... I love to learn new things and of course that includes reading and writing. I particularly love studying Philosophy and Religion.<br /><br />And of course I love spending time with my husband, traveling, taking walks and enjoying nature, and spending time with our family or just relaxing.

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  1. I thought I say hello again. It's been a year since I was active, but I'm back to continue to heal and to help others heal. Mia
  2. Thank you all for your warm welcome.
  3. I just wanted to take a moment and say hello. I am a twenty-nine year old professional woman, with a wonderful husband and from the outside "a charmed life." But that's the shell. I am a survivor of molestation and rape. I have made several attempts at therapy, but each time, I have chickened out because I didn't want to remember. But the memories have reappeared and it's time that I face them. I look forward to being a part of this group, growing and sharing with everyone. flower
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