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  1. I have recently went through this with my daughter. Part of the reason it came about is I don't like secrets. I hated growing up in my house with secrets. My daughter asked me some very specific questions that called for some very specific answers. She is only 10 and wise beyond her years. Sometimes I fear she knows too much for her age. I have had many discussions about this with friends. Thus far they support what I have done. I've talked about it with my T at length. She believes my answers are age appropriate and match her maturity level. I answer all my daughter's questions as best I can.
  2. I think it's great that you are supporting your friend. Not all friends do, but I know having a support system makes all the difference in my life.
  3. What I do for myself today as I try to do everyday - especially when I am having a hard day - is to stop, really stop what I am doing and watch my children, watch them as they play in the backyard and discover a bug, watch them riding their bike with an expression of peace and a carefree attitude, watch them sleeping peacefully. To watch, see, and understand that I have provided them something I never had - a chance to be a kid, a chance to grow up without having to look over their shoulder waiting for the next . . ., a chance to feel safe and know their needs will be met when needed at that
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