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What Did You Do For You Today?

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watched something i wanted to watch for once.

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Worked a puzzle with my kids. We love them. My daughter is waiting for me to work it some more. :flowers:

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Had fun with my daughter's school. They played on inflatibles all day. So, I got to play and help with that.

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Spending time with my kids makes me happy.

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Got some sun! :flowers:

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Had a happy day with my daughter, she turned 6 today.

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yes i did one thing for myself this year that i had been trying for almost 7 years

i wrote a book--i took all the pictures and i saw it into a publisher--and online for

all to read --i did not do it for money, or make myself famous--but to tell the

world that i am aperson that lived to tell about sexual and emotional abuse

i really did it to see --it i like it and love all the pictures

i dedicated it to all sexual and emotional victims--that may be YOU!

but it is ME too

yes i did it for myself

but all are welcome to read it

you may go to let go let peace comein .org and go to books--female survivors


OR GO TO: www.sexualabusedefined.com

go to amazon and write a review about me and order and read my book

itis for all survivors--

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I kept myself swamped at work so that I would not get depressed...and I'm so excited that I did that because I was very down last week and unable to get myself going. This week...no one better get in my way! LOL


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