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    shredded or not - i still have wings

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  1. I HATE YOU, SHADOW PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. butterflypoet welcome to AS. you'll find the right words as time goes by. i find it helps to read a lot. i hope you find what you need here. i'm glad you came. take gentle care of you as you work to heal, luv
  3. one butterfly, yeah? welcome home - SO glad to have you back, luv
  4. please please please little luv - what will comfort you? i can't take the screaming much longer!!!
  5. Bonjour, dear one! Welcome to AS! just be yourself, hun. you will be fine. you'll get the hang of it in no time. luv
  6. PM a mod about that particular post, it's location, and the reason you'd like it removed. only mods can remove posts.
  7. thank you for clarifying. this had been weighing heavy on my mind too...
  8. little luv hates how much we're having to pretend again. thank you for your help, found.
  9. pain is pain. of course you are welcome. welcome back. hope you find what you need.
  10. ((((((((((((((((Found)))))))))))))))))))))))))) mine stayed and hid in a closet, crying for ages. she still doesnt play. but she DOES smile now. certainly not always, but its progress. hang in there, hun. you are not alone, luv
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