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  1. I first joined AfterSilence more than 5.5 years ago and it was a cruicial resource to dealing with trauma. After a very recent trauma I felt like it could be helpful to come back. I'm very sad to see that due to a server crash only about ten of my over 1000 posts remain- all that documentation of past healing is gone. I feel like my life is falling apart and not sure how to get through this. All I know is its crucial to have people who I don't know personally to be able to talk with. Can't believe I'm at the start of this process again. So many emotions- will post more elsewhere. Looking forward to perhaps running into members I used to know and meeting new members. Crescendo
  2. Hi, pinkfrog! Welcome to aftersilence! Neat username!
  3. Welcome to AfterSilence, secret. I hope you will find the support you need to heal. You're not alone.
  4. Hi Jessica, Welcome to AS! I'm very glad to see you have found us here! This is a wonderful community, and I really hope you find all the support you are looking for. You're not alone, and I look forward to seeing you around the forums! Megan
  5. Hello! So glad you found us. Modern technology IS simply wonderful! I agree! We're really glad to have you and hope you will find AS helpful. You're NOT alone! Megan
  6. I think it would be really cool for users to be able to have their own blogs on AS where they can talk about their journey/rant/whatever in one place and it's easier to follow a member you're friends with progression. If a separate blog feature is not available, perhaps we could just have a blog subforum where people can create blogs by starting their own topic and then replying to their own topic for new entries as well as other people being able to reply and give support & advice? Just a suggestion... Megan
  7. I just read through this whole thread! I posted before and refound some of my favorite quotes! Here are some new ones: A hero is no braver than an ordinary man, but he is brave five minutes longer. Ralph Waldo Emerson All the art of living lies in a fine mingling of letting go and holding on. Henry Ellis "at the end of the day the fact we still have the courage to remain standing is reason enough to celebrate" greys anatomy “There are two ways to live: you can live as if nothing is a miracle; you can live as if everything is a miracle.” stuart Albert Einstein quote fall down seven, get up eight -proverb "A person's a person no matter how small" Dr. Seuss I have not yet begun to fight! John Paul Jones
  8. Hi Nutty- So glad you decided to join! Megan
  9. Hi, I'm Megan. I'm 17 and a junior in high school. I stopped using this site for a few months because I didn't feel I had the right to. I blamed myself for what happened, and realized that it probably couldn't have even been considered "sexual assault". So now I'm just saying my "incident". I'm back, because regardless of the label of what happened to me, I felt sexually violated. I have PTSD which has greatly influenced my life. I know a lot of you have been through things a million times worse than me, and that I have no right to complain in many peoples eyes. But I've suffered too. And I hope the AS community can once again accept me here. Thank You. Megan
  10. Wow! I just read through this whole thread and what a lot of great ideas! I'm working on my self image too, and have been really struggling with coming up with ways to increase self acceptance. i think my self hate is more about the fact that i cant accept that i am human and make mistakes and believe i am just not valuable and then i take it out on hating my body, because my body seems more easy to change than my worth as a human being is! here are some tips i can offer: 1)Recite a self affirmation such as “I am worth fighting for” twice every day. 2)Celebrate dedication and effort over result by praising yourself for at least one thing each day. After all, life isn't a destination- its a journey! so dont wait until you hit your goals to reward yourself. cheer yourself on every step of the way! 3)do things that are challenging but possible to make you feel in control and accomplished (ideas: 30 minutes areobic exercise, volunteering at a soup kitchen for an hour every two weeks, learnig something new) 4)Write a love letter to yourself and read it when you are feeling down. Find the dialectic of your self-hate. 5)Sincerely accept compliments 6)Be mindful of your limits. Accept that you are human and can control only myself. 7)Allow mistakes to be viewed as learning opportunities that inspire change. 8) do a lovingkindness or any other tpye of meditation practice. i will post one below that is my favorite, you can also find more mindfulness practices on google INSTRUCTIONS: Take a comfortable position. BRing your focus mindfully to your breath or body for a few breaths. Open and soften as much as feels safe to you as you allow yourself to connect with your natural inner feelings of kindness and compassion for others. now shift your atention to yourself. it could be a snese of your whole self or some part that needs care and attention, such as a physical injury or the site of an illness or a feeling of emotional pain. use a phrase like "may i be safe and protected" or "may i be happy" or "may i be healthy and well" or "may i live with ease" or make up one of your own. let the phrase you pick be something anyone would want (safety, ease, joy, and so on). Pick one that works for you. it can be a single phrase. then but all your heart into it each time you speak to yourself. let kindness and compassion come through you. practice by repeating your phrase to yourself silently as if singing a lullaby to a baby. practice for as long as you like. it may help to just practice for a few minutes at a time at first and later build up to a longer practice. megan
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