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  1. @BreakMyShell I feel the same way you described. I love them, they are my babies (and act like babies at times as well,) and they also drive me up a wall. But if I didn't love them, I'd be apathetic.
  2. I work in a middle school too. When you have a sense of humor about the zaniness and chaos, that is your humanity showing through. It's a good thing. Thanks for sharing.
  3. Welcome Sam. Peace and blessings. I hope your journey takes you where you need to go.
  4. I finished a quilt top that has been on top of my sewing rack for this entire term.
  5. I did a bunch of rather overdue housework. ***sigh of relief***
  6. I'm trying to get over this sickness so today...I cleaned the kitchen in advance of the kids' nap time and then I took a nap! It was glorious. Absolutely glorious. Then I negotiated my boss down from a 10 hour day tomorrow to potential 9 hour day.
  7. I took an opportunity to experience peace without judging the moment.
  8. A whole lot of nothing? I made a call to a debt counselor. On the hope that 10 years of poverty can magically be erased. Dream big...
  9. I let myself sleep in since I am trying not to get sick. Then this evening I made taggy blankets, just because I wanted to.
  10. Thoroughly savored my last day of "freedom" before term starts tomorrow.
  11. I finally bought a mobility aid so that when I am badly disassociated (when I disassociate I have a very hard time moving) I can get to self-soothing items. I have objects to bite, things that make noise, things to squeeze on, a blanket, children's books, paper and pens, etc. It took me a long time to get to where I could soothe at all, to where I had enough sensation to experience the outer world with my senses at the same intensity as I experience my inner world. It began with brief moments of peace that gradually infused my world with the knowledge that peace really is everywhere, all the t
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