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  1. Flodearnley, I'm glad you found it helpful! Isn't it amazing how we subconsciously do so many things to calm ourselves without even realizing it?
  2. Oh wow. I've been away from AS for a good while and I didn't realize how many people would find this helpful. I'm glad that you all like the suggestions.
  3. I apologize for not responding earlier. I'm glad that you all like the resource. Copper, I really like your methods of self soothing also; especially distracting your thoughts by focusing on details of an object and how you'd replicate them.
  4. Other Crisis Survival Strategies Meaning: Find or create some purpose, meaning, or value in the pain. If you must endure this stress (and/or pain), what lesson(s) might you learn from it? Focus on whatever positive aspects of a painful situation you can find. Repeat them over and over in your mind. Make lemonade out of lemons. Prayer: Open your heart to a supreme being, greater wisdom, God. Ask for strength to bear the pain in this moment. Turn things over to God or a higher being. Encouragement (Positive Self-Talk): Cheerlead yourself. Repeat over and over: “I can stand it,” “It won’t
  5. Self-Soothing: When you feel distressed, find a way to sooth yourself. Don’t wait for others to soothe you, although you may want to think about people you can call on to soothe you later. The more things you can think of to do and practice in any given moment the better, since it’s unrealistic to expect that others always will be available when you need them. To self-soothe you will want to use activities that engage in one or more of the five senses: vision, hearing, smell, taste, and touch (Linehan 1993). Vision Think about all the things you can do or think you can do, or find yourself
  6. Distractions: “Setting Aside” Thoughts Use your imagination or thoughts to interrupt your current thoughts if they are distressing, or are restarting intense negative emotion. Telling yourself that your problems will still be around later may make this easier (in case you’re worried they will disappear). Cut yourself some slack for now. You don’t have to worry about your worries not being around to worry about. Give yourself a break from troubles. Mentally leave your distressing situationIntentionally block out distressing thoughtsThink about pleasant thingsRemember happier timesThink ab
  7. My former T gave me this little handout in a packet once a few years ago. I recently found it again and thought that it might help some of you out as well. I'm sorry that it's so long. I split the information between a few posts to hopefully make it a bit easier to read. None of this material belongs to me. Make an Emergency Self-Soothing Kit You can't always predict when an emotional emergency will strike, but you know that it will happen inevitably, so make preparations now. All of the distractions mentioned above [will include in next post] help to get thoughts going somewhere other than de
  8. Welcome back. I had to rejoin as well but it feels so good to have AS back.
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