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  1. Hi! Welcome to AS!
  2. Welcome to AS! I'm still new here and navigating myself around the site. You are not alone. There are many here that are helpful and caring to help you. I hope you will stick around. Healing can take many roads and paths. I wish you well on your journey.
  3. Hello! Welcome to AS!
  4. Hello! Welcome to AS!
  5. Hi! Welcome to AS!
  6. Welcome to AS! This is a very safe place. I'm sorry that you've had communication problems in the past. Please don't let that be a barrier for you. You are not alone here in your journey to heal. I am still new and finding my voice and strength. Each person has a slightly different story to tell but can relate to the trauma. In that, you will find a tremendous amount of support here. I wish you well. Safe hugs if ok
  7. Welcome to AS. This is a great place for support. I'm still new here. As @fallenstar said, reading other stories helps break the feeling of loneliness. I still find myself browsing the different threads trying to find my strength and courage. I wish you well on your journey to heal. Safe hugs if ok
  8. Thank you Struggling. It's good to see familiar faces again. I think that will help me get through this.
  9. I had him tattooed behind my ear I hope to be active again. Maybe even work on my story. Who knows. Each day is a struggle to get out of bed atm.
  10. Thank you for the warm welcomes. I've missed being here and seeing people, even if I had only been here a short time. I've been diagnosed with Sjogren's and Systemic Lupus Erythematosus. There's still stuff going on they haven't quite figured out. I'm working on getting into a new specialist for this type of thing. I'm miserable at best on a good day. TW: I wish I could say the family thing was resolved, but it hasn't. Sadly my story didn't end at my youth. Some physical and emotional abuse has been relived by hand of my own son since he was in middle school. Shame has kept me from talking about it, but I've started to open up to my T and dr. He's older now and getting treatment. There are still moments, but fewer. It's also getting better now that I'm ill. He's showing more compassion. I have hope.
  11. Started a while back but needed a break. Between family stuff and being sick, I can't keep it together much anymore. Hoping to connect again and work through some of this with a great support group.
  12. Welcome to AS Suz! I'm sorry for the trauma that has brought you here, but I'm glad you are finding the site helpful. I wish you well on your journey to heal.
  13. Welcome to AS Young! I'm sorry for the trauma that has brought you to AS. The people at AS are a great support group. I wish you well on your journey to heal.
  14. Hi Timi! Welcome to AS. I am also a survivor of incest. I wish you well on your journey of healing.
  15. Welcome to AS Verdif! I'm glad you chose to introduce yourself!