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  1. @BreakMyShell I feel the same way you described. I love them, they are my babies (and act like babies at times as well,) and they also drive me up a wall. But if I didn't love them, I'd be apathetic.
  2. I work in a middle school too. When you have a sense of humor about the zaniness and chaos, that is your humanity showing through. It's a good thing. Thanks for sharing.
  3. Welcome Sam. Peace and blessings. I hope your journey takes you where you need to go.
  4. I finished a quilt top that has been on top of my sewing rack for this entire term.
  5. I did a bunch of rather overdue housework. ***sigh of relief***
  6. I'm trying to get over this sickness so today...I cleaned the kitchen in advance of the kids' nap time and then I took a nap! It was glorious. Absolutely glorious. Then I negotiated my boss down from a 10 hour day tomorrow to potential 9 hour day.
  7. I took an opportunity to experience peace without judging the moment.
  8. A whole lot of nothing? I made a call to a debt counselor. On the hope that 10 years of poverty can magically be erased. Dream big...
  9. I let myself sleep in since I am trying not to get sick. Then this evening I made taggy blankets, just because I wanted to.
  10. Thoroughly savored my last day of "freedom" before term starts tomorrow.
  11. I finally bought a mobility aid so that when I am badly disassociated (when I disassociate I have a very hard time moving) I can get to self-soothing items. I have objects to bite, things that make noise, things to squeeze on, a blanket, children's books, paper and pens, etc. It took me a long time to get to where I could soothe at all, to where I had enough sensation to experience the outer world with my senses at the same intensity as I experience my inner world. It began with brief moments of peace that gradually infused my world with the knowledge that peace really is everywhere, all the t
  12. I have nothing to say to any of my abusers. I'm living the life they almost took from me. And that's enough. Besides, my silence is the one thing they cannot tolerate. They cannot manipulate. They can neither understand it, nor control it, nor take it away. What I say to other people, is a whole different story.
  13. I worked on sewing. And relaxed a bit because I have the night off.
  14. Washed up things I bought at the thrift store last week. They'd been in my freezer all week. Kind of like Christmas in April
  15. Had a chill day, did a bunch of sewing, went to the thrift store sales and had some laid back conversations with some cool teens/young adults
  16. Was a lazy butt at work just to let my belly recover. Fortunately, the kids were down for sedentary activities, they are getting over a cold of their own so it was an all-way-win to just be bumps on a log all day. I justified spending nap time in front of my computer by regaling my boss with stories of the activity plans I was googling. Oh yeah coz I am just that amazing.
  17. Also, and even better: had the guts to cancel a date with someone I know I don't want to go on a date with. Yeah for assertiveness!
  18. Took a big nap at work, called in to my evening job, came home and hung out on here. Coz I'm sick. Next stop: figuring out how to get food into my body, that should be interesting.
  19. I ate junk food left over from an activity at work...1% nutritious, but not the kind of thing I can easily ignore. The reason this is something I did 'for' myself and not TO myself... -I planned ahead and chose a junk food I knew I could handle -I ate a small portion while also preparing a real meal, so that I would not be eating out of hunger/being too lazy to cook something decent
  20. It's been a good day today... Had silly-time with the kids I take care of Started transforming a pillowcase into a baby dress...yeah! Did not do a single bit of homework Unpacked all my thrift store treasures from the freezer, went through them and washed them all.
  21. When I finished my homework goals for today early, I called it quits. I did 1 round on my mega doily, and now I'm going to draw. It's been awhile, and besides, it's way too cold in here to be moving about with a large project like sewing.
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