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  1. Great idea. Always good to safe abit of money
  2. Darla


    Welcome. Im sure you will fit in here and get to know great people. I think we all try and block out what happend from time to time. You have to do whats best for you
  3. I start my psychology degree in June. Just hope I can do it and be good at it.
  4. Darla

    New Survivor

    Hi and welcome. Im sure you will find this place of help to you. Your not alone here
  5. I sat in the sun and had a cup of tea and a cig.
  6. I went out for lunch on my own, then had a walk round the gardens.
  7. Abuser one I'm NOT your little girl Abuser 2 I am glad your dead Abuser 3 You are nothing to me Abuser 4 You hurt me the most
  8. Thankyou everyone that is really nice :-) xx
  9. I have been told I have to do one thing a day for me. Not sure why I find this hard but I am going to have a read though here and see if I can come up with something for today.
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