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  1. Stressful week! And it's only Tuesday! 

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. howlieowl


      Sorry about the start of your week. I hope it gets better starting today.

    3. winterwishes


      Its not to bad just seems a bunch of things went wrong at the same time this week, starting with a leak in the kitchen which took 3 days to fix lol 

    4. howlieowl


      ugh, i bet that was a serious pain. good news i guess is there are plenty of days to provide more happiness and less stress.

  2. Should I give therapy another go?!?! Hrmmm

    1. MeBeMary


      I'm sure you will make the best chose for you. Best of luck on whatever you decide. :luck:

    2. winterwishes


      Still debating hahaha and thank you :)

  3. how lucky was I to have such an amazing bestie, mssing our new York days and crazy convos girl xx

  4. Time to change my life :)

  5. Love n miss ya girl xxx


    1. winterwishes


      Hey girl, sorry this christmas was tough. Merry christmas to you and a happy new year xx

  7. Love you girlie xx

  8. 2 peas in a pod OO

  9. miss you more each day, tonight is a bad night without you :( 

  10. I have a pen, i have pineapple, UH, pineapple pen

    1. Mom2BnE


      haha! Pen apple pineapple pen!

    2. winterwishes


      Hahahaha what has the world come to ay haha xx

  11. I have a pen, i have an apple, UH, apple pen 

  12. Pizza is ordered :)

    1. loveable


      Hope you are enjoying :) Thanks for reminding me I have a pizza waiting for me in the freezer to cook! It's not delivery, It's Digiorno ;)


    2. winterwishes


      :) im babysitting, so i felt i needed a take away haha the babys still crying and the dogs are driving me crazy haha

    3. LuthienTinuviel
  13. first day on my confidence course complete :D