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  1. It's so strange that sometimes from nowhere I just randomly need you :( even after all this time

  2. really missing you, so much I need to tell you :(

  3. happy easter for this coming weekend all xx

    1. fallenstar


      Happy Easter!

  4. Never thought I'd be someone who enjoyed some English homework lolol

    1. Free2Fly


      You've Gotta ask yourself what about it do you enjoy?

      so that you can fully understand it :wink: .

      i mean years ago now I used to like writing English homework felt like I was at peace writing for what seemed like hours. :( 

  5. taking everyone on a galaxy space cruise ship for my English home work :)

    1. Free2Fly
    2. snmls


      I could go for a galaxy space cruise ship ride right about now. 

    3. Free2Fly


      Same :( it's been a crap day.

  6. survived a 30minute root canal appointment today! : )

    1. 8888


      Good job!

  7. Hit rock bottom...  again :(

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    2. Juniperberry1900


      Sitting with you :hug:

    3. winterwishes


      Thank you all, still not doing great but I'm sure I'll be fine xx

    4. Free2Fly


      Safe hugs :hug: , feel better soon.

  8. Taking you to disney land with me 

  9. How's everyone doing over Christmas?x

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    2. Free2Fly


      Thank u :( .... it's quite triggery stuff honestly.... but yeah I had bad memories last night which hurt really bad.

    3. winterwishes


      I dont' trigger easily so if you' like to message me please do x 

    4. Free2Fly
  10. Wanted to wish everyone a merry Christmas, I know it's a hard time for alot of people and I'll be thinking you. Take care xxx

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    2. winterwishes


      Thank you both, so sorry you are unwell free2fly :( hope your feeling better soon! Im okay thank you xx 

    3. ActivistAlly


      Merry Christmas WinterWishes!!!  :)


    4. winterwishes


      Merry Christmas:) 

  11. I'e eaten so much raw onion, I think I'm going to die lol so much oain right now!

  12. Ever cared about someone so much that when they tell you something... it' hurts and gives you nightmares? 


  13. Tonight I gave a speech to around 100 people! Im so proud of myself

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    2. Capulet


      Amazing, what a leaping accomplishment!  Congrats!

    3. snmls


      That's awesome!  Good job! 

    4. winterwishes


      Thank you guys :) xx

  14. I'm a auntie again!!! First nephew!! And he is adorable!!!

  15. Curious - if you were joining a group like this but to psycically go to, what would you need from the people who worked There? I'm helping to set up in my area :) x

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    2. Bluesclues


      I would like to First of all have boundaries. Like I like to be hugged. I like to hold someone's hand. I like someone sitting next to me. I like distance or when this or that is said. 

      I am not sure if I understand what you mean?

    3. winterwishes


      Boundaries is a great one :) I was wondering things like back ground music so it isn't silent, meeting in the car park so not to walk in alone ect xx maybe I should start a post?xx 

    4. Bluesclues


      Yes! Start a post!