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  1. I finally watched the last couple of seasons. I'm literally hoping my hubby doesn't hear my sobs as I type this. I miss you. So much!  I wish I could've fixed it. I knew I couldn't, but you were there for me and honest. I wanted to bring you hope. I'm sorry I failed and I love you always 💗 

    1. fallenstar


      :throb::candle:you did not fail her. it looks to me like you were a great friend to her. sending you some support, @coffeeaddict

    2. coffeeaddict


      I tried, but I couldn’t show her how beautiful she was! Her Love was so pure and true. So innocent despite her pain. She would do anything for her friends but never seemed to truly believe that we absolutely loved her back! Thank you so much for the support !  I just miss her and her number is gone bc I broke my old phone. So I now tell her I love her here, as if AS has afterlife communication 😂 I’m silly.

  2. I wanted to watch the last two seasons of Once, but it feels so strange to not talk to you after each episode! I miss you so much!  

  3. I don't know if you can see this or not... But I miss you all the time.  Finally started watching season 5 and think of you every episode.  I hope you're doing well! <3

  4. Hi and welcome to AS! If you're looking for support, you've definitely come to the right place . Glad you've found this site, and sorry for the reasons that brought you heref
  5. ^^^^I agree^^^^^ It would be so great to have a place where we can open up about grief of any type - loss of friends, family, etc or just our grief about what we've lost due to our abuse. somewhere that is safe for us to vent and not worry about triggering the others here. Somewhere we know is just for that. It's so helpful to know that specific forum is for a specific purpose. It makes me feel ok with posting things I'd otherwise refrain from typing for worry that I'd upset someone.
  6. Hi and welcome to AS It's a tough journey, but you've found a good place to start on that path!
  7. coffeeaddict

    Hi All

    Hi and welcome to AS
  8. Glad you're back and that you and hubby are working on things rather than hurting each other. I know how hard it is... But it's a good thing to know that you've done everything you can to make a marriage work. When it works out, it makes you appreciate it more and love and trust your relationship even more than you did before because you know you can withstand the hard times as well as the good. Take gentle care ~coffee~
  9. Hi Kasha, You've come to one of the most understanding and supportive groups of people in the world. Of course you are more than welcome, and you'll be surprised how incredibly supportive and understanding everyone here is I'm not dyslexic at all, but I still can't type when I'm stressed and nervous. Yet, somehow people figure out what I'm trying to say or even if they can't, they sit with me and send hugs just to make me feel better. You will have the same. Welcome to AS ~coffee~
  10. I know some of what you're going through, and I'm so sorry that this is happening to you. My therapist keeps telling me to try to live in the present and ground myself... she doesn't seem to realize that it's my dreams that won't let me move on. Another person here on AS suggested something called lucid dreaming,and I've bought a book to read about how to do this. I'm not sure if it will work, but I'm willing to try just about anything. I've been awake since Saturday morning, and yet I'm sitting here drinking as much coffee as my stomach can handle because I'm afraid to go to bed. I hope that you will find the rest and peace you're looking for. Take gentle care ~coffee~
  11. Welcome to AS! It's never too late to join
  12. Hi Nick, and welcome to AS! Sorry to hear that it took so long - the mods situation has been a little shaky lately. But for the most part, it doesn't affect much of the site once you are registered. Everyone here is still very supportive and understanding. Take gentle care ~coffee~
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