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  1. :tear:

    1. imnotda1whoiwasb4


      I'm sorry about your loss. :hug:You have my love and support here.

    2. wishinuponastar


      :hug::hug:Thank you baby!! I know...I am ready for a hug in real life though!

  2. I am personally a huge penguin fan :) I just saw your picture and wanted to say that I love it :) It is so adorable!!!

    1. aftersilence1


      Thank you, wish! It makes me so happy. You don't even know. : ) I love things that are round, and my favorite letter is P. So, it's perfect for me. Thanks for enjoying it with me!

    2. wishinuponastar


      That is awesome. I was thinking as I writing this, I hope this doesn't come across as weird :) Favorite letter is "p" that is awesome! For a while, I had my "super penguin" as my picture. I have a coffee cup with a penguin and a cape on it, so cute :) Anyway, it is nice to have someone to enjoy it with

    3. aftersilence1
  3. Dear Lord What Am I Doing Here

    AmBird, Welcome to AS! I am sorry for what brings you here and I remember feeling much the same as you when I first came here. It is a scary thing, but this board is really a comforting and supportive place. The best part about this board, is like others said, you are able to post and reply as you feel you are able. I know that at one point, unless I am crazy, there was a like option. There has been some updates to the site so it could have been on here or maybe it was another board I was on. I wish that there was a way to like or acknowledge without posting, but just like what you did, posting and saying thanks is always just like a like Anyway, looking forward to seeing you around the board. If you need a friend, my inbox is always open. Thinking of you! Wishin
  4. Just following the plan

    ((Annoyed)) I can really relate to what you said! Welcome to AS! I am sorry for what brings you here, but I do hope that you find the support you need here. This is a great community and there are not only people who care and understand, but those who will really go with in your healing journey. We are all trying to get through this and we can't do it unless we do it together. The great thing about this board is that you can take it at your own pace and post and reply as you feel comfortable. I hope that you find the support you need and if you need an ear, my inbox is always open. Supporting you. Wishin
  5. My first time

    You are welcome friend! Safe hugs
  6. new

    Welcome to AS Angelofsorrow! I am sorry for what brings you here and hope that you find the support that you need. I think this board is a great place and it is perfect for those who feel lost and in need. There are many great supporters here. You are heard and supported and you are not alone. If you ever need an ear, my inbox is always open. Sending you healing thoughts! Wishin
  7. My first time

    (((Atw1))) Welcome to AS! I am sorry for what brings you here and we were all where you are now. We were all new at one point. I think this board can be great for people and it is a great place to give and seek support. There are many great members here. The best part of about this board is that you can go at your own pace. There are so many different forums and options that it gives you the ability to find the exact kind of outlet you need. There is even a gender specific form which has password protected access. Know that you are heard, supported and believed here. Sitting with you and sending healing thoughts. If you ever need a friend, my inbox is always open. Wishin
  8. i'm not that new

    Hello, Welcom terrornews! I am sorry for the struggles you are going through. I can tell you that I can relate. I think that many of us can. We all kind of want it to just be some horrible nightmare. I think it is very brave of you to come here and seek support. You have found a great board with many great people. Take your time around the board, the best part of this is that you are able to go at your own pace. Hope you find the support you are seeking. We are here supporting and believing in you. Sending healing thoughts! Wishin
  9. New

    Just to follow up yes there is a ten post minimum to access chat. Hope this helps.
  10. New

    Gary, Welcome to AS!! Reading your post brought tears to my eyes. I'm so glad that you have found us and I hope that AS is all that you need. Know that there are so many people here who care and we will all support you. I have to look at chat but I think there is a post limit to gain access. Not sure if that is true, I can look though. Again welcome and if you need a friend know my inbox is always open. Safe hugs!! Wishin
  11. Lost

    Hello Haunted, Welcome to AS. I'm sorry for what brings you here. You have found a place with people who understand though. Take your time around the board and hopefully being here will help with the hurting and scared feelings. You are not alone and you are supported. Thinking of you. Wishin
  12. MrPep, Welcome to AS. I'm sorry for what brings you and your wife here. It is great that as a secondary you seek and get support. I hope you both find this board to be an aid in healing. There are some really great people here. Wishin
  13. hi newly here

    Hi Lost, welcome to AS!! I'm sorry for what brings you here. I hope that you are able to find support around the board. I know this is a great place. You are among survivors and friends. Take a look around and if you need help, people are always around. My inbox is always open. Wishin
  14. Hey friend it has been so long just saw you online and wanted to say hi!

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    2. wishinuponastar


      I can understand. I try to keep up with the rules, but the way that they change year to year. It is something....Actually I don't think I had a Texan this year. I had a few Pats players, both got injured (Edleman and Lewis) and Flacco (got hurt) was my QB. These were my biggest point getters honestly. I also had the Broncos kicker so it was a good team starting out...just with the injuries :( sigh!

    3. sassmaster2000


      Fantasy sounds so stressful. I just want to root for my team because I like them, and not have to worry about getting points. I'm hoping the NFL can determine what constitutes a catch as this is just getting ridiculous.

    4. wishinuponastar


      Well I play for fun so it isn't so stressful. I feel like it keeps me more connected and engaged. Oh yeah those rules have changed a bit. I kind of like the force out rule well at least when it applies to the other team and keeps them from a TD!!

  15. Hello

    ((((((Jessie))))))) Welcome to AS! I'm sorry for what brings you here but I hope that you find the support you are searching for here. This is a great board. Hope you find what you are looking for here (((((hugs)))))) Wishin