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  1. Got triggered again reading an article about another man sexually assaulting women. This is the first time in a long time it's happened to me. I'm just so tired about hearing this. 

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    2. Dahliaa


      I was feeling better until I read another post @Enigma87 :( I really shouldn't have done that but I didn't realize they'd refer to SA. I think I'm going to go offline for a few days and get away from it. I can already feel my anxiety building so it's better that way. 

    3. Enigma87


      I completely understand what you mean... I just saw a report on world news tonight that really triggered me too. So I get it. Sometimes we have to give ourselves a break from the triggers. I’m still sitting with you if you’d like.

    4. Dahliaa


      @Enigma87Thank you so much, I appreciate it :) I hope you're taking care of yourself as well. 

  2. Sorry you're going through this @teleah I personally do not believe you belong to anyone other than yourself, no matter what your abuser did. You are still a loving wife, no matter what. No matter how you've been feeling. Safe hugs
  3. Hey hope your doing okay?

    safe hugs :hug: if ok?

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    2. Free2Fly


      Safe hugs :hug: if ok?

      sadly that makes two of us , I'm in a delirious state at the moment so definitely in great shape but yeah, I'm sorry your not doing so well, here if you wanna talk. :) 

    3. Dahliaa


      No problem :hug: 

      Thanks for the offer. I'll talk to you soon. I'm sorry you've been feeling so bad :/ 

    4. Free2Fly


      Yw , safe hugs :hug: if ok?

      okay , thanks it's just a thing I'm struggling to get past like a deep depressive phase.

  4. Click on the three lines on the side, go to account and then ignored users. You can input their name there and whether you wish to block their mentions/messages/etc.
  5. Hey @liability. Welcome to AS :) I'm sorry you have to be here due to such horrific circumstances. Still, I hope you find healing on the forum and whatever else you need. We're all here to support you. I'm glad you know that those labels don't define who you are.
  6. Welcome to AS. I really hope you enjoy it here and find the healing that you so much deserve
  7. No problem! If you need anything, please don't hesitate to reach out! The moderators are also incredibly helpful
  8. Hello! Welcome to AS! I'm sorry for what brought you here but I really do think you'll find AS comforting
  9. Dahliaa


    Hey Xenon I'm so glad you could join us here at AS and how brave of you to say hi! I really hope you find whatever it is that you need on here. We're all here to support you and listen to anything it is that you have to say. Don't be afraid to reach out!
  10. Not problem! Whenever you need a little bit of encouragement, you just let me know!
  11. First of all, I'm proud of you for making your first post! I know it's not always easy to take that first step. There is no rush in speaking out about what happened. It's important to think of your comfort first. We will continue to be here when you're ready. Safe and welcome!
  12. Why did you do it? Did you hurt anyone else?
  13. Welcome to AS! I am also sorry for what you have been through and the pain it's caused you. I hope you know we are all here to support you through this journey and I am personally always available to talk to. I really do hope AS provides you with the healing you need
  14. Welcome to AS! Safe We're all here to listen and support you.
  15. Welcome to AS I hope you find whatever it is you need here on the forum. We're all here to support you.
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