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What Did You Do For You Today?

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Normally I take the bus to and from Pdoc. Today it was soooooo cold that when a receptionist offered to have the facility's Transportation people take me home, I accepted. Quickly. With unspeakable gratitude.

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I had a deep tissue massage and then worked out for just under three hours. It was a brutal workout. I am sore all over and it feels great.

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Today I bought a massive can of hairspray to use as a fixative for when I work in chalk or charcoal. It was a small expense, but felt good to buy something for my art.

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I did an extra 15 mins on my workout for a total of 2 3/4 hrs. I'm exhausted but I feel great. I hate January at the gym. All of the new years resolutioners were taking up all of the equipment. Its normally dead on Sat afternoon and it was packed. They all quit in three weeks anyway, but they are a pain for those three weeks.

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I went to the doctor and told her exactly what I have been going through with all the medical stuff. Even though I was coerced into doing it I am glad that I took the risk and told her about the dizziness and the blood sugar being high......

Even though I still do not have a trust with her she is referring me to a male physician so I can complete the physical that I have been undergoing for the past few years. That in itself is a victory.

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I finally realised that there is no quick fix for me and though I loved the actual work.... I quit my job that was causing me a lot of stress and anxiety to spend a few months helping to renovate my parents house and do gardening jobs for my mum and to... be safe.

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I treated myself to Japanese food for lunch. Had miso soup and an order of pork gyoza. It was very good!

I just finished working, and will allow myself to "crash" for the rest of the day. I will either watch tv shows I have taped over the past few days and haven't had a chance to watch yet, or watch a movie.

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