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What Did You Do For You Today?

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Today I ignored all rules of nutrition and healthy eating and stuffed myself silly on junk.

I am sure that my guts will make me regret this choice...but I enjoyed every bite!!!

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Instead of cleaning my apartment, cooking, etc...I went around to thrift stores on my way home from work. I spend $10 mostly on stuff I just liked, and fantasized about what if I could just walk into a thrift store and buy things that I liked without stressing the price tag. I'm not usually all about the consumer cure, I'm usually pretty strict about buying only what I need and buying used/recycling whenever possible. But it was kind of a nice thing, anyway, to relax.

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Today I played with a new-ish story idea...developed the characters some, let the idea do what it wanted to. If it survives another day of playing, the story may turn out to be worth writing. Yay for new ideas!

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Plenty, for once :)

I went up to my summer job to drop off donations, which made me feel really great and I got to re-connect with some amazing young people

I went to the library and devoured the crafting section for almost a full hour, browsing through zillions of books

I then got online at the library and spent many minutes browsing crochet patterns online and ogling people's beautiful work

Now I am home and my heater is on and I'm making dinner and...thank heaven for paid time off!!

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Once again, I have a few items for in here :)

Slept in

Wore enough clothing to be warm in the weather even though I probably looked silly to other people, I put my own health first (Americans have no weather sense, imho, anyway)

Got some items for my projects, and splurged on some great finds--a down coat in my size, a real down comforter, a pair of winter boots--altogether for about $10 but that's a lot of money to me

Made myself a Christmas present, it didn't turn out as planned but hey, it's the thought that counts

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Today I sang my new song good and loud in the living room to take full advantage of its excellent acoustics.

And when I saw that one of my favorite Christmas specials was gonna be on TV I took the minute to stop and evaluate if I was up to watching it. And after deciding I don't have the emotional energy to watch it, I feel just fine about turning the TV off and leaving it that way.

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I hunkered down with my itsy bitsy crochet hook and blitzed out some doilies.

I put out my recycling bin (I'm hugely excited about my new recycle bin, what can I say, I'm a nerd)

I actually ate lunch, when normally I only eat once or twice on a day off. Maybe if I remember I'll eat dinner too...

I prepared my next round of donations for drop-off within the next couple of days

I did all of this without getting dressed--since my house clothes involve multiple layers, a hat and a winter coat, none of my neighbors were the wiser when I went outside with my bin

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Today I immersed myself in a good mystery. And I started the process of clearing and gathering stuff I no long need or use.

Piles to repurpose, donate, and pitch....

What a blessing it is to have so much stuff that I can contemplate giving some of it away!

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Today I made a list of goals, things I'd like to accomplish in the next 12 months. Not resolutions per se...just things that need to be done, and 2014 is the time to do them.

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It is great to do something for yourself....yesterday- that is what I did for myself...I went back to the show with the Meetup group...yes, it was to the same theatre that I sat with the man so many times- the same man after nine years who finally abused me...but I still went to the place..i went with the group and had a wonderful time! Yes, I did this for myself, as well!

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Today I watched a really silly game show on TV...may or may not have shouted a couple answers at the screen....

But it was nice to watch something fun and funny.

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