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What Did You Do For You Today?

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I used some free prints and printed out a page of sight words organized by level (ok, I'm an education nerd here, but I love things like that)

I bleached the heck out of my kitchen

I took a break from reading a book with lots of sexual overtones (it is, unfortunately, homework so I can't just not read it) when things got a bit heavy for me.

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Today I was just me at my art class. Didn't try to be Suzie Sunshine, or the Queen Smartass or any of the other roles I generally play. I fussed with my current project, talked some to my classmates, but mostly just was. Did I switch? Yeah. But nobody noticed and/or cared.

It was nice to just be Copper and Co in public, with people who don't care when I'm a bit random and weird.

(aren't all artists a bit weird to begin with???)

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I sat at the dining room table with my chalks, plenty of paper, a laptop full of music, and my headphones. And sat there alternately drawing and "directing" the music pouring into my ears. Did I look silly to Bee when she came out for a snack? Probably. Do I care? Not a bit!

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