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What Did You Do For You Today?

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I made a canvas bag "draft" of the bags I hope to make for my homeless box. Measured some recycled shirts that I have and found three that are large enough, to make two bags each, also I found some fleece to line hats with. I'm pretty excited. This project has me galvanized right now, and every step towards the next level of completion is a huge deal for me.

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Today I was really upset when I got to art T. (Teacher later said the anger was thick enough to cut with a knife when she came in)

So I used that time, art T with Teacher to process what had me so upset. I did NOT stuff the emotion, I did NOT downplay it. I said exactly what I was feeling, not bothering to censor. She has never seen me that mad, and it felt kind of good to let it loose in a place where I knew it couldn't hurt anyone or anything. For maybe the first time with her (ever? it's possible) I laid out every single emotional card I was holding.

I also asked for markers to start with, rather than oil pastels. And when I drew, I did not self-censor like I often do.

And by the end of class, I was smiling and speaking clearly. Victory!

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Today I bought myself some birthday presents: New gloves, a salt stone lamp (that I've been coveting for years) and two semi-precious gemstone pendants. None of that stuff was on my "need" list...which is why I smile every time I look at any of it!

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I turned off the radio with its endless loop of Christmas music and spent the whole afternoon and evening listening to random stuff that's on my hard drive. It was so nice I may just let it play all night and forget the radio!

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I spent a good half hour belting out Christmas carols at the top of my lungs while I made a gift for Ladybug and Bee. And I'm tall, so the top of my lungs means it was really loud LOL!!!

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I okayed a few little purchases to make some of the Inside crowd happy.

And even though the furnace is working fine now, I moved the space heater back in here. Toasty!

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Today I forced my body to rest, even though I wanted to be moving. But I knew how low my energy reserves were, and T tomorrow is gonna demand a lot. So I stayed as still as possible, did my best to let my body recuperate from the demands I've put on it lately.

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I made my Trouble Twins happy by eating a (small) bag of gummi dinosaurs. Happy Twins, happy Copper.

And I kept it light in art T...drawing a silly picture of Furball all tangled up in her yarn-ball.

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For the first time in a couple days, I have something for in here.

While wrapping gifts at work, I took the scraps too small to use for anything and made them into origami paper. For paper cranes.

It's a start....maybe after Christmas is over, I'll do something "for myself" that lasts longer than 15 minutes at work.

Edit: oh yeah, and those 15 minutes at work were the only work-breaks I've had since Tuesday, and I work a 9-hour day.

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