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  1. Welcome ari, I think you will find what you are looking for here. A lot of people here understand and it's a very supporting community. Somebody will always be ready to offer you their support and understanding no matter what you're feeling or going through. -Guy
  2. Hi Felicity. AS is a really helpful place. It's a laid back atmosphere, and everybody is here because they want to heal and they want to help each other. This is a place where no matter how different what was done to you makes you feel, there is always another person here who can really truly understand and offer you their support. I hope you find this place to be as helpful as I have. Please feel free to read and share as little or as much as you're ready to. Welcome to our community.
  3. You're not alone. I know it's hell. But if you take care of yourself and take the steps you need to heal then you can reach a point where what you went through doesn't control you anymore. It never goes away completely but it becomes less and less relevant to your daily life to the point where it doesn't feel like that heavy a burden. There are a lot of male members on this forum and most of them have pretty horrible stories. As dismally as our culture fails female victims it doesn't even make an attempt to support male victims, and I know that makes it even more difficult to get past the
  4. Hi Grace7, Welcome to AS. This is a great community of people who understand and try to help each other. I think you will find it to be a safe place and a place of support. I'm sorry for the reasons that have brought you here, but I'm glad you found us. Take Care, Guy
  5. Hello and welcome. I think you'll find this is a really supportive community. In the outside world nobody will ever fully understand the feelings that a person must live through after abuse, but everyone here "gets it". It can be really powerful and profound to talk about the things you're going through and to read from someone else that they completely understand and to know that they really truly do. This has been a really wonderful community to me and I hope you'll find this place to be as helpful as I have. Take care, --Guy
  6. Went home early before the snow got really bad and then took a nap and improvised a nice spicy goulash over pasta.
  7. You're wrong about me ************* You don't know real strength I'm stronger than you are. You could not break me
  8. Spiced some apple cider and heated it on the stove. Hot spiced cider omnomnom
  9. almostgone, I'm sorry that life has gotten so tough recently. Please keep posting here. People on this site get what you're going through. At one time all of us were questioning how we were going to get through it. I will echo some of the other responses in telling you that a therapist can be crucially important for you during this time. It's not about getting a diagnosis or getting medicated, although one or both of those things may ultimately happen; it's about having a place where you can just vent all the issues that are causing you pain and distress and hearing a response that valida
  10. Got a physical exam which means I don't have to get the crappy default insurance plan from my employer with an absurdly high deductible. And they didn't even handle my bits and pieces and tell me to cough so that makes this the least invasive physical I have ever had in my life. I can't believe I'm saying this but I'm actually glad I switched my primary care over to this place despite the suckiness of their receptionists. Plus I got half the day off from work and my employer pays me anyway, so I am happy and apparently relatively healthy which is good to know.
  11. shamelessly raided all the strawberries out of the cafeteria fruit salad
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