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  1. i love you friend teleah thank you always bottom of my heart and sunshine smiles
  2. bad tw

    been having really bad depression and triggers. dont want to bathe or do laundry, just woke up, did the usual. i lost a friend, or did i. my need to control everything is severe. b/c its the only way i know how to stay safe. i have given so much of myself to others, and im tired of ptsd, b/c it wins. every day. i am not a warrior or a superwoman im just me. seems like only heaven holds love. i think the judgment from others slowly kills. humans dont realize they affect each other so much. in this society, its all rush rush stress make money, our entire lives are devoted to survival and we forgot how to take care of ourselves, each other, and the world. bc of inequity and inequality violence will continue. the native indians were the only ones who got it right imo. i saw a video of wolves on a highway videotaped by a woman and it made me sick b/c we have hurt them so much. i feel like to fix this country we have to acknowledge the wounds towards AA's, vets, and native indians among others, take a leap of faith in a direction that goes beyond our fears of the "other". reparation and public healing. its not gonna happen any other way. this is our history, admit it. admit the wounds fester still. admit our bigotry hatred and cruelty. then try and find common ground, interfaith work, work that crosses boundaries, see our common links not what divides us, nothing new under the sun. stop making assumptions about people. stop judging them. stop hating ourselves. stop. the work of peace is wicked hard. war is easy. nothing new. abuse shames the soul and makes the person feel a nothing, but i am not nothing, i am something. i dont need forgiveness anymore. i need to see in my humanity is strength and beauty
  3. am very shaky right now 

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    2. Annie7


       ty fieldy 

    3. Hawkgirl


      Sending you hugs.  Sitting with you too.  Bringing you a freshly made blanket and my glow in the dark spinner.   In your corner. :candle:

    4. Annie7


      awww thank you hawkgirl :)

  4. You are the most amazing friend!


    1. Annie7


      :throb: i needed to hear that, and you are the only human who ever said it. i love you. 

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      Well it's the truth!

  5. i reported him as an adult. i dont regret it. nothing changed. he is still the same person, as is my mother. wicked people thrive but i will win in the end
  6. you are beautiful :)

  7. who-is-awesome.jpg

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      right back at you!!!!


  8. tw me, little annie, loves little teleah very much and she too has bad memories she wants hurt your mummy and daddy b/c you too sweet they so bad ;( they so bad ;( we holds you with love, toys, and games love annies
  9. You are welcome Ashley, I would also like to meet you, it's a great irony that those I connect best with are far away. ;( I think we have lots of folks from the UK too on here. I really needed to hear those words. I don't want to be well at seventy either. It's been a hard cruel struggle unseen.
  10. i get every word you wrote
  11. your worth has to do with heart and character, your mother created your suffering, and blamed you for her failures, you are a huge success story to me and all of us here
  12. you've not been around, thinking of you 

  13. rabbit ;( 

  14. yah...i understand...