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  1. i could have written some parts of this, we had such a similar upbringing teleah you are too special for this world i love you
  2. feel low today, like life force is seeping away, too many things in my head, too many external forces, this life is harsh 

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    2. Annie7


      Thank you Mary :throb:

    3. rollininthedeep


      sitting with you if ok. Life is a long hard walk. 

    4. Annie7


      Thank you rollin it is indeed

  3. george bush senior is officially grossing me out . and this is who headed up the CIA??

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    2. stagnes


      The world is seeming like more terrible place than usual these days, I agree:(.

    3. Annie7


      i think the media is triggering a lot of ppl, i have mixed feelings about it, at least it is calling attention to the issue, i understand ppl have complex feelings around it. i just feel like its even worse than anybody imagined . peace to you and all here 

    4. stagnes


      and to you:).

  4. i bless my persecutors online and off 

  5. they either go away or i go away b.c. of triggers. how do you have relationships in this world? i have no family. im beyond tired. 

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    2. Free2Fly


      Oh Hehe haha , yeah I remember that line now he is funny.

    3. Annie7


      lolol yes he is haha

    4. Free2Fly


      :) , how are you doing today Annie?

  6. want a break from the same day, every day, me and bill murray, yea

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    2. Annie7


      haha yes im very shy in person although i can be obnoxious haha

      i get spastic lol . generally im not what you'd call a talker HAHA

      you'd never know it from how i talk on this board 

      thank you Joshua 

      yea he did mess me around and won't admit it 


    3. Free2Fly


      Lol makes sense,

      i totally get that , on the internet I can talk , in RL , I'm too afraid to talk so yeah.

      yw Annie :) ,

      yeah well there are guys that just act like fools and mess girls around.

    4. Annie7


      yea i get that and ppl try and intimidate you like even when i go to the library there are three nambobs just staring at me behind the counter when i ask for a guest pass for the computer. i swear ppl do this crapola on purpose, haha. im tired of having to go against my basic nature which is gentle. ugh it's annoying. 

      yea there are guys like that sadly ;( 


  7. do you have crisis hotlines or warm lines or talk lines, i cobble together support from this board, a hotline, a warmline, and basically make do. i chat to ppl on blahtherapy and 7cupsoftea sometimes
  8. retiring from being an empathy dispensing machine - when i think of how many i cared for who were such selfish ppl - blah, never again - sort out your own crap, i'll sort out mine - i have a few peeps who i will go to the ends of time for - everyone else, you lot are on yer own now

    1. stagnes


      Good plan! 

    2. Annie7


      thanks ;) :)

  9. hanging on by a thin thread today waiting for it to snap kinda hoping it does had enough of this crap

    1. Field8


      sitting with you my friend SweetMoon. Much love!!!!

    2. Annie7


      i love you tons Fieldy 


  11. fish have emotions. i went away and put in a vacation feeder. the thing didn't even distribute properly in the tank ;( so when i come back he's whipping back and forth angrily and wouldn't even look at me. haha, i had an argument with the boy in rugby about this, he claims fish don't have emotions. you deluded git they certainly do lololololol 

  12. So, the laws protect the abusers. I can't list the names of mine? I am hunting them down systematically and sending messages , emails, FB posts, and am tracking down a number right now so I can leave a message. There is nowhere to hide anymore. This world protects only the evil and ignores the good, this world is all about punishing the good and upholding the wicked systems. I have about zero hope left but I will die fighting, it's in my blood, it's my nature. You can't win. I win. A-FREAKING-MEN or as I like to say, AWOMEN

  13. we know what these "fathers" are and we know we are still pure and good, that they are the bad ones, they just lie so so so bad i love you friend ALL THE HUGS