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  1. nothing you did or said to me is ok, nothing ive endured is ok, nothing i continue to go through is ok, none of it will ever be ok, how you treat me society is not ok, and i am nothing you say i am. it's not ok . it will never be ok. some day it will be ok when im out of this place known as hell. i choose the terms, and it is not ok. will never be ok. simply put i am done giving any of this energy anymore it's simply not ok. it will never be anything but hell. hell you chose to give. 

  2. Not a guy. Born with a womb. Don't call me a guy. 

  3. not up for anymore humans

    1. Field8


      I so understand. I do not like people most of the time.




    2. snmls



  4. Hello everyone - New to forum/support group

    i hope you find the help you need on as and the site has plenty of good to offer
  5. wish i could  disappear so sad angry and alone 

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    2. Free2Fly


      :hug: I have no idea, some people would have us believe it because it makes us into a "better" person it's bs though.

    3. Annie7


      its bs lol

      i think abusers just have no hearts ;( 

      ty ;((((

    4. Free2Fly


      :hug: your welcome friend :hug: 

  6. Why Am I not worth fighting for ?

    triggers well, these people are (sorry for my bluntness) absolute fucking DIPSHITS. your light is so bright their mushmilk teeth and weak spindly assed selves are blinded.
  7. I am new.

    Welcome to as. wishing you a peaceful day today.
  8. lots of love

    1. Field8


      Lots of love back :)


  9. Paris & London

    yea i understand that ;( i had nowhere to live for a time and if i move there's a huge chance i wont have a place to rent again ;( lol yes immigration is always to blame
  10. Paris & London

    big ben and la tour Eiffel i dig it! big ben is so cool lol the thing i remember most about london tbh is a guy panhandling in the tube it was awful and sad all these ppl were getting out of the station and he was sitting there sprawled out with longish hair and a beard, nice looking guy, obviously had drug problems, i put a pound in his cup, i felt like a jackass for doing it, he thanked me right away, it destroyed me, i used to write poems about that guy, i couldnt stand it, contrast b.t. all these ppl running off to have a good time late at night and him ;( makes me sound like im a saint im not a saint it just gutted me it was so damn sad london has so much inequity like the world really is
  11. don't feel like caring about ppl anymore, isn't worth it to me anymore

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    2. Annie7


      safe hugs Joshua im always sitting with u and others just had it

    3. Field8


      I'm so sorry SweetMoon. Things are crappy here also. Always here with you.

    4. Annie7


      hugs you tightly fieldy ty hon

  12. incest/invisible disorders/stigma/nofamily/heavy lifting = tired 

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    2. Annie7


      thank you both for having my back what a world ;((

    3. wolfennights
    4. Annie7


      (((((((safe hugs)))))))

  13. You are amazing Fieldy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Field8


      You are amazing SweetMoon

  14. why? why anything, why? why get crap for kindness, why? why ? not my fault anymore

    1. Field8


      It was never your fault my SweetMoon

    2. Annie7


      thank you my fieldy hugs you tight if ok