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  1. Heading into night 4 without sleep.
    I wish I could get a break, just an hour without problems.

    1. SilentBird


      I wish you could too. I don't have any good advice on how to find that sleep. I am going through the same thing. I am sorry you are struggling with this. We all deserve a break. :hug:

    2. Butterfly1994


      Sorry to hear that you're struggling too.
      I'm just kept up (and being exhausted) by tons of flashbacks and body-memories during the day, and at night it's even more flashbacks and body memories plus nightmares so bad that I'm (in a way) scared of going to sleep.

    3. SilentBird


      I completely understand.

  2. I just for once didn't force myself to stop crying after a nightmare.
  3. Hello everyone I'm nineteen years old and from Germany. I found this forum while searching the internet, and I hope that it helps me to get along with my past. To be honest, I`m quite nervous, because I'm not really good at social behaviour. Of course I do my best to behave appropriately, but if I do anything wrong please tell me. About me: I`m living in a really small house in northern Germany, together with my daughter. I have no family of any kind, but the woman who owns the land the house stands on (it's actually kind of her backyard) helps me getting along when I need help with somethin
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