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  1. @Hooves welcome to the forum, I hope we can help you find the comfort and support you deserve.
  2. I reported the issue months ago and I was told it was due to an upgrade they were doing. But it still doesn't work. I can't even update my profile banner.
  3. Getting ready to meet up with Jim and go to a Super Bowl party. I don't really care about football or sports in general. Hopefully, I won't be the only oddball.

  4. I feel like I am getting the flu. I don't wanna get sick....

  5. Hi @ImAlmostReal, welcome to the forum but I am sorry for what has brought you here. That wave of emotions, memories and feelings of being out of control and awkward is very common among survivors. Especially in the first several months after the trauma occurred. You can get better and seeking support is wise step.Never stop trying and you will get better and feel less "broken".
  6. Hi Magda, aka "Wonder Woman", welcome to the forum, but I am sorry for what has brought you here. This forum has been a great source of support for myself and for others. I am sure it will also be a great source of support for you.
  7. feeling like no one would care enough to know i was gone

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    2. MeBeMary
    3. SilentBird


      Sorry, I didn't see your replies until now.
      Thank you for noticing me and supporting me.

    4. MeBeMary


      Hope you are feeling better than you did. Just to let you know, support doesn't expire. :flowers:

  8. Where the heck are you at? I have searched high and low but you are nowhere to be found. Damn you sandman....

  9. SilentBird


    Yes, it is hard for most people to seek support. It makes most people feel vulnerable.
  10. thank you for hearing me. Ive written a few more poems about abuse, truth, secrets. I need them to get this out and make space in me for better things.

    1. SilentBird


      I understand what you mean about getting the negative out so that there's room for the positive. I hope this forum will help you accomplish that goal.

  11. SilentBird


    Hello, welcome to the forum. I hope you find the support you deserve and need.
  12. Hello, glad to meet you. But I am sorry for what brought you here in the the first place. I also want to welcome you back to the forum and hope that you rediscover all the support you previously found here.
  13. Hi dieter, welcome to the forum. This has been great resource for support for me and so many others. I am sure it can be for you as well. It is completely up to you how much you need to share and when you feel comfortable enough to share it. We will be here to support you. You are not alone.
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