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  1. Hi Alas my friend hope you are well. :flowers:

    1. Alastriona


      I am very well Star.... been doing a lot of stuff in therapy and although I knew of my Inner Child I have found out about 8 more insiders of various ages and sexes.  I am so glad that my T - Mark  is good with them.  We have had some hiccups in the past few months  but  generally things are good.  Hope you and your son and of course all the Insiders are doing well too. 


  2. Welcome Nevada Sorry that circumstances led you to seek out support. You will find that we are a supportive bunch here. Alas
  3. Alastriona


    Welcome Cathy You will find that AS is a wonderful site and that the people here are very supportive. Hope your path toward healing is smooth Alas
  4. Alastriona


    Welcome Maggielynn You are very welcome here and we as a community are very supportive. Just browse the boards and post when your able to tell a bit of yourself you will find that we are always listening without judgment. Hope you find AS as informative as I do. Alas
  5. Hi Kaikins Welcome to AS foremost. You will find people here helpful and supportive as you go through your journey into becoming a survivor.
  6. Hi Julia I am so sorry that those doctors, therapists, social workers, nurses etc did not believe you when you were telling your story to them. I can empathize with you on that. When I was young, I told a little bit of what happened to me and I was not believed. It was bad growing up knowing that some person did bad things to you and you were so alone and you had to keep it secret. Eventually that caused me to be ill with depression and eventually PTSD. Even now, I know a lot of people do not believe me when I say I was hurt as a child. I still am being hurt from people because of my fears stemming from this. It has caused me to go to therapist to therapist trying to resolve what happened to me was not my fault. I still believe that in part it was, but this is not about me, its about you. I am happy that Lucy found such a wonderful T, I finally found the perfect T for me too and its nice that he is willing to go through all those things that I went through and hopefully I can heal from it. Trust me, I do believe that you went through a lot, just as my Little One went through for me. I am just so sorry that these people that you went to talk to did not believe you. I believe that they did a grave injustice to you and I hope that one day, your able to get a dialogue together for Lucy's T so that she can hear your story and tell you that she is accepting and believing all those horrid things that you went through for Lucy. I do believe that trust is earned, and when that trust is in place it is a wonderful thing. I do wish you all the best Julia, and I do hope that one day your able to talk to Lucy's T about your experiences but only when your ready. Alas
  7. Welcome Its going to be a long journey, but be happy that you have found such a good place to help you on that journey. I wish you all the best, in your healing. Alas
  8. Skye No need to apologized for not being coherent enough tonight, with all the crisis going on right now, and with Ladybug and Bee moving, yes, I do know that Bee is in the hospital getting help right now and I do wish her all the best and that she recovers soon, Well, all I wanted to say is that you please look after yourself and the rest and be well. Alas
  9. Hi Skye I am so glad that you have decided to write. I am sorry that you are in such a state with therapy and the Wall. It just sounds like so much stress on anyone, let alone a Insider like yourself. As for the kittens, I do hope that they are ok, I am not a fan of letting a cat be outside while she nurse and teach her kittens. I have had puppies in the past, and until they were about 4 weeks old and the weather of course was good they did not even venture out of doors. I am not admonishing anyone who had decided to keep the kittens and Furball outside but I am amazed that there were at last count 2 kittens still living. I would of thought that either the children in the neighbourhood, or wild animals or even pets would of gotten them somehow. I am so glad that your able to give us an update, and, I wish you all the best in therapy and please take care of yourself. You are important not only to us on AS but also for Copper and the rest of the Insiders. Peace Out Alas
  10. Welcome Janie I do agree, take your time looking around the site. There are many many supportive people here and I am sure when the time is right for you to post, you will. Take your time, as everyone wants you to feel comfortable and safe here.
  11. Hi Skye I am glad that you survived that awful Wall. You did so awesome, and you persevere all that stuff that was trying to consume you. I trust that you had a night filled of good dreams and not night terrors. Lets hope that the next days are filled with good things. Take care of yourself Alas
  12. Skye I am so glad that your back from wherever you went. Everyone needs a vacation once in awhile and although you have no memory of it, I am glad that you came back. I know a few of us here on AS were concerned about you and I am glad that you are ok. Here's to getting back to the normal routine. Happy your back, Sssssssssssssssparkles Alas
  13. Orange Isn't it the pits when your suppose to be the dependable one. I am sorry that everyone is hiding but now since Easter is over with hopefully the others will return from their mini vacation. Its ok to vent, I do all the time, and sometimes I hear my Little One venting about things that she thinks are detrimental to me. Which at this moment is all the time. Hopefully, when Skye or Copper comes back you are able to go on your vacation and rest and relax and recharge yourself. Take good care of yourself until the Others come home. Alas
  14. Skye I am so glad that Copper has found the ability to meet some friends. I know how hard it is to meet people and consider them my friend. Its hard work. I also stay in the background a lot but I have been working on it and sometimes I do meet people that I hope we will become friends. I am so glad that Copper is being accepted in church and the parishioners sound like they are all a nice bunch of people. Heaven knows that Copper needs friends to talk too not just Aqua and Teacher and not just about her problems and all the hard work the Insiders are doing with the deprogramming. I send you all the best Skye and hopefully this is a great turnaround for Copper and all the Insiders. Alas
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